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Fatty lumps and aches in silly places


Hi everyone.

Hoping you are all well.

This last week I have noticed fatty lumps on the backs of my hands. Other people actually saw them first and they were pointed out to me. They do not hurt and are not on a knuckle or joint. They are between my first and second fingers. My hands aren't swollen at all. Has anyone else had experience of of this?

The other thing I have noticed is that I am getting aches in random places, like my little fingers or around my forearm. I guess this is all part of the fibro?

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the fatty lumps i have around my torso 99percent of the time these are also painless,as for the pains in random places like your forearm and fingers,i also get these and in other places also.

I get fluid pockets and swollen hands, not sure about fatty lumps.


I have the same. It was one of the things that got me the diagnosis of FM!

i get fatty lumps in my armpits...very painful tho...was told its folliculitis and that it is cos i am.overweight...dr dismissed.my fibro n me n told.me to eat helthily...told her i have around.15 to 20.pounds a wk to spend on food...that was overshooting it...yeh...wot a cow... :-(

Your Dr sounds terrible. Can you see anyone else? Feel better x

Aye..workin on it...theres lots of rd's at the practice, spent a year gettin somewhere with a doc then he left :-( booo! x


The fatty lumps could be a sign of Dercums Disease seems to be associated for many people who also have Fibro xx

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