IT'S PARTY TIME - Let the fun begin

IT'S PARTY TIME - Let the fun begin

Hello, Good morning and welcome :)

Sorry I am late, as I have been up since the crack of dawn making fairy cakes and more sausage rolls. My son hadn't eaten them, they are just lost somewhere in the Black Hole he calls his bedroom. I think mystic forces are afoot.

Today we are off to the Cavern Club in Liverpool for a 1960's party

Get your glad rags on and bring supplies. We need lots of bottles of Sarsaparilla, and Tizer and some crisps and any 60's related food you can find. I think Moffy's idea that VG make the fish paste sandwiches was a good one. At least there is little chance of her scoffing those before she gets here, Moffy can bring the chips.

You can all bring a companion, only rule is this person had to be alive in the 60's. I am planning to bring along Steve Marriott.

He and his band the Small Faces will be guesting at 3pm, followed at 5pm by The Monkees. The Beatles will be hanging around the kissing booth.

Until the celebrity guests arrive, bring along your transistor radios and we will listen to Tony Blackburn. Cilla has offered to give us a guided tour of Liverpool in the evening, though I told her I'd put that suggestion to the vote.

I have flowers in my hair, granny specs on the end of my nose and a cowbell around my neck. I will just try again to stick on these spiky false eyeleashes. They are a bit crumpled, as my son thought they were spiders and sucked them up the vacuum cleaner. So, I'll just gather up what food I have mnanaged to keep away from VG and sandra and get myself there. I have sausage rolls, cheese and pineapple on sticks, fairy cakes with gaudy icing, and cheese spread sandwiches, plus lots of jelly

Forget you have Fibro for the day as you will be twisting, shaking, jivng and doing the locomotion.

Any volunteers to organise the games? Play DJ? etc? Can anyone bring along their old game of Twister? All contributions of food, fun and frivolity will be welcome

see you all soon

Em xx

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  • Oh oh oh well I.ll be there first, just get my Vespa out of the garage, always preferred them to lambrettas.... got my food in the glove hair is bobbed and backcombed and I am wearing my black and white shift dress with the Beatles faces on it.... And unfortunately yes I did dress like this and had Many Vespas in the 80s mod revival. Will bring all my LPS .... Long playing records and singles for the younger members of the board who won't remember those I hope you have a dansette record player or shall I bring mine???.. As to my companion... Only one .. Ha I am bringing the Kinks though I have to admit if I am missing you will find me in a corner with Davey Jones from the Monkees.

    Groovy baby.....

    VG x

  • I don't know who to bring, don't really know much about the 60's

    HELP, I need somebody,

    HELP, not just anybody,

    HELP, you know I need someone, HELPpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp!

  • Haha - you were just a twinkle in your daddy's eye in those days! x

  • yep sure was ..... mid 70's I appeared !!!

  • I'm turning up in my pink crimplene mini-skirt and an Op Art shirt,

    I'm plastered with Mary Quant make up, and am bringing a pile of 7inch records. I'm wearing a curly pony tail, as my hair never did obey the laws of fashion!

    Sling back high heels, too - how did we ever walk in those? I'm bringing loads of Vesta Ready meals - just add water - we thought they were very daring and exotic in those days- and some chips! I seem to remember that instant coffee with a spoonful of Marvel dried milk was the fashionable drink back then - I'll give it a miss, ta very much!

    My 'plus one' is Sean Connery, WOW!, he was scrumptious in those days. I don't expect I'll kiss him on the first date, tho' - that wasn't 'done' in the sixties - what a waste of good snogging time!

    Music? Well, the Beatles obviously and the Beach Boys - heaven!

  • Bring Peter Noone form Hermans hermits in fact bring the whole group, he was rather cute in the 60s

    Yeah baby......

    Sorry I seem to have all the Austin Powers films stuck in my head now

  • Ohhh make up must drag some out.... I haven't worn any for ages... Peers at EM .. Actually those are dead spiders on your eyes the false eyelashes are still in your vacuum..

    Yeah baby yeah...

  • Actually I am going to sneak out the party and sneak back in disguised as Lulu with Sidney Poiteir in tow as in To sir with love one of my favourite films...

    What you say we go out on the town and swing baby yeah......

  • I've pulled the eyelashes out of the vacuum cleaner dustbag, at least I think they are eyelashes. Having spent the last hour backcombing my hair, when people kept saying 'Hi Dusty' I thought they mistook me for Dusty Springfield, until I looked in the mirror and saw all the muck on my eyelashes :(

    I see we have lots of male company now, roll on 2nd date Moffy then you can snog Sean, no tongues mind, that wasn't proper in the 60's

    I don't think I ever got over my schoolgirl crush on Stevie, but did add another after seeing Robert Redford, so have invited him, Paul Newman and Steve McQueen along - form an orderly queue please.

    I have sent Cliff off to get the bus back from his Summer Holiday and he's planning a trip to Carnaby Street in it after The Monkees have performed

    George Harrison is selling the bus tickets over by the Kissing Booth.

    Can someone please go kiss Ringo, as he is in a sulk, and Paul is complaining that his lips are sore. Just popping to the boutiques to buy some hotpants for the Carnaby Street trip

  • Will you all put the menfolk down and come out from those darkened corners?

    I am still looking for helpers to provide some fun to this shindig.

    Best I could do for now was Alan Freeman, who is spinning his turntables to give us an impromptu disco, please be careful in your stilletos and winklepickers, and VG no you cannot take to the dancefloor on your Vespa with Davy strapped to the back

  • Must be all The Shadows as they're looking for Cliff Richard.

  • Rofl

  • Sorry just popped to surf city with jan and dean ,,,, roughly translated at shopping with OH and son.. I just tried to kiss ringo but he's in a big strop... The Beatles are panicking and ringing Pete Best to come back and stand in .. I would dance but I just found the dave Clark five. In one of the alcoves and I can't get past them.....

    Lies unconvincingly

    VG x

  • couldn't find Pete Best, but found Davy chatting to George Best, will he do?

  • lost my glasses and am now wandering around in bare feet disguised as sandy shaw

  • Just noticed the music has stopped .. Hands M a stylophone and a book of easy tunes ... If you could just hold the fort with this till the Who have finished trashing their hotel room

  • Kicks off tight slingbacks - Sandy Shaw definitely had the right idea!

    Have managed to cheer Ringo up, and he's taking me for a ride in the Yellow Submarine.

    I have just spent 24 Hours in Tulsa (loose disguise for trip to M&S to buy undies!)

    OK girls, Sean is all yours until I surface!

    Moffy x

  • So men appear on the forum and moffy runs off to buy new underwear... Un .. Be .. Liveable

    Looks shocked. :o

  • Calm down dear - it was thermal undies for my daughter, 'cos she works in a co-oo-old office! Altho' since you mention it, I might treat myself to a lace boudiour set and a diphannious negligable! Come and get me, boys!

  • Oooh VG - have you got Victor Meldrew in there with you? xxxx

  • ooh you are awful, but I like you

  • all males are currently forming an orderly queue in order to see Moffy in her saucy Boudoir attire. I am loitering by the door so that I can charge them al £1 a peek. VG how much do you think I should charge if they want to go in to 'talk' with her??

    Quick Moffy carefully arrange yourself in seductive pose

  • OMG! for a moment I thought you said £1 per WEEK!!!!!!

    (posing seductively)

  • Don't let them "talk" to her they will want their money back when they realise her knees aren't up to lap dancing ... Releases victor Meldrew reluctantly ,he wasn't bad looking in the 60 s you know....

  • I'll have to take your word on that. Haven't seen any flattering pics of him - all tombstone teeth and odd eyes. Just shows what time does to you. I was looking at this article a couple of days ago

  • I volunteer to organize the ker-plunk challenge!

    I've brought david cassidy and fresh from "alias smith and jones" the gorgeous Pete Duel! sigh...

    I've also got cluedo and monopoly for later,

    I've got twister but I'm not playing.


  • My friend married a Pete duel look alike... Ohh he was my first crush... The real Pete duel not my friends husband....

  • I`ve seen a guy who sure looked alot like pete, same size, etc. He was at a car show and they could pass for brothers. He may have been in his 40`s or early 50`s. I heard of a guy that looked like Pete Duel and wonder if it is the same guy.

  • Count me out for Twister, too and VG ! If we played it, we'd never walk again, what with our knees! x

  • Ahhh the knees ...yes thought the thought of you playing twister wearing that negligee is almost too much to contemplate

    But ker plunk bring it on , I,be lost most of my own marbles so those will do nicely

    Super fab groovy

  • Have you seen Hook?

  • Hook who?

    Pete Hook?

    Dr Hook?

    Captain Hook?

    I'm confused

  • Nooo not a fish hook

  • Just keep your mouth shut 'til we find out VG, then you should be safe

  • Mmmmmphhhh

  • In Hook the movie Smee says that he's been looking for his marbles all these years. They are returned to him at the end of the film.

  • Oh Pete Duel, he was rather gorgeous, Ben Murphy wasn't half bad either and David Cassidy was pretty scrumptious in his day too. Alas those days were the seventies not the sixties

    No Fibro at the party today, it isn't allowed. I hired a fairy to take it away to everyone who shows up. So no excuses Moffy & VG, get Twisting. Alas at the stroke of midnight we all turn back into pumpkins.

  • oh well, who do I have to distract to get davy jones?


  • Ha got you on that one David Cassidy was on tv in the 60's before the partridge family began in 1970 - phew! must find more straws to clutch at.

  • Well I heard he was in Marcus Welby late 1969, but it is a slim straw your clutching at. Did you see him back then? Can't say I noticed him back then

  • bonanza.

    I'm clutching so tenuously, but he was sooooo gorgeous can he come in puleeze?

  • I'll give davy back and won't steal anyone else...

    [crosses fingers behind back]

  • Yeah why not? Tosses Sandra a box of straws

  • What do you have to do? Just prise VG away from him and he is all yours

  • you tempt her away with sausage rolls and I'll tempt davy.

  • Davy or sausage rolls .... No competiton. Runs after the sausage rolls

  • "now I'm a believer"

  • get in there quick Sandra. It won't take VG long to demolish those sausage rolls, then she will be back looking for Davy.

    I'll try to make some more to keep her distracted

  • hiya mr jones walk this way,

  • can we do that "march of the mods" now where we all get in rows and do heel toe, heel toe, on each foot before we walk forward - I loved that, and the twist.


  • Comes charging across the forum on her Vespa and parks on Sandra's toes


  • why?

  • it wont let me reply! :(

  • methinks she parked on your toes to pin you to the spot whilst she snaffled Davy

  • Sssshhhh M I have to let Sandra think she has won sometimes.........

  • really?

  • won what? - I like prizes, I hope it's a cruise!

  • better head to bed now VG - 10 more minutes until we all turn into pumpkins

  • oh I though it was bumpkins!

    I've brought my dungarees and checked shirt, woven a straw hat [ thanks maladjusted!]

    and kept a straw to chow down on.

  • Nope, hate to tell you, but if you have been having a Fibro free day, twisting, jiving, and goodness knows what else, as of five minutes ago the magic fairy who made us all pain free has turned back into the Wicked Witch and we all have our Fibro back :(

  • thanks for the fun party maladhusted, and now I get to stroll off into the sunset with david cassidy - who loves my buxom, rosy cheeked new look.

    then I'm picking up Pete Duel - who I hid away, and we're off for some potato hooch!


  • Have fun Sandra. Glad you enjoyed the party, and hope it hasn't worn you out too much

    Em xx

  • Great I arrive too late Sandra has gone off with Pete duel and now me fibros back I can't hold my scooter and kickstart it... And to top it off my oh has just dropped a cup of tea on my side of the bed ... I am wet the bed is wet... Gahhh going to spend the night with the Who

    Great party though

    Thanks M

  • You won't get much sleep if you spend the night with The Who, you would be better off with Val Doonican

  • I like val doonican, great entertainer, nice man

  • Yeah, when I was a kid I used to wish he was my dad!

  • my friend had an awful childhood.

    what kept her going was that if it ever got too bad she was going to write to "uncle" val or "uncle" roy castle and one would take her in. I cried when she told me, but she said it was her safety net and she survived.

  • we saw him "live" and he mingled with the audience after.

    she asked could she give him a hug and she did [she never hugs anyone] and she thanked him saying "you'll never know how much you helped me".

  • I missed the 60s ... Got engaged ,married, bought a house and had two babies... Lol.

    But i will be at he party i will bring along led zep and yes see both at our local blues club had a chat . . Oh there i am in the corner all in black with my leather trews. Got loads of port and lemon , with 2 bottles of babychame .. Can we play pin the tail ...

  • I really missed it being born in December 1964. Not much to remember before you're 5th birthday about what's going on around you.

  • I had green trews - love 'em!

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