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I went to my sister salon today and sat on reception 9 to 2pm i was like agony aunt today lol all the clients came in wanted me to give them advice today about various aspects of their lives and to listen to them it was very odd lol but i did as that is what you have to do and they all said thankyou as they left and said as well as the treatment they had had in with my sister they felt better by talking to me so i suppose i made a few people happy today it is a pity they could not hekpme get rid of this stupid fibro lol

i got home and then i painted thr rest of my pences and sides of the shed so i am all done now

and yes you have guessed it i am aching all over but my neck is the most painful and my arms and back but it is self inflcted so dont give me sympathy as it is my fault

oh well i hope that you are all ok and well and i will be back tommorrow love to you all xxxxx

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Oh diddle you havent paced yourself have you!!!LOL Go and have a nice hot bath and i will speak to you tomorrow to see how you are. Please dont do anything else tonight :)

Take Care

Jo xx


bless ya no i just cant sit still especially when its nice and then i go mess myself up by doing too much i will learn big time one day love to you diddle x


Oh dear Diddle, you sure did do too much! Hopefully you will have a restful night tonight and be alright for tomorrow. Take care. :)


How on earth did you manage all that, not too sure if you are incredibly brave ...... or incredibly daft ;-)

Julie xx


lol daft and in denial i think lol i will learn the hard way love diddle x


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