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there sure are loads of new faces although its sad to see how many of us are suffering at least we all have somewhere to turn and our network is growing which can only be good. I wathced the video that was put up (SORRY FORGOTTEN NAME BY THE TIME I'M WRITING THIS LOL) and it was impressively accurate and will defo get some family members of mine to watch so thanks . just a short blog tonite as wrists are in major pain and absolutely knackered even though be awake for 4 hours today so thnks and sending you all wishes to be as well as possible

virtual hugs to you all



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sorry about spelling etc bloody fog


Hello Sleepy! Yes we have many lovely new members, lots of new names to remember too! :)

Great to see you back with us, and we look forward to seeing you back with us again when you feel up to it.

Take care Sleepy, here's a hug for you. (((hug))) xxx


hi sleepy what and where is the video i haven't seen it i would like to.My problem is i can't absorb what i'm reading i forget it very quickly,i have to ask my partner to help me with my mail and so forth,he has to unscrabble it so i can understand more,i know it sounds ailly but that's how Fibro is affecting my mind i worry about it drastically ,i'm up early got docs app this morning see if i can up my gab for pain or suggest something else,i like you this morn i've a lot of pain in my hands,my knees aren't good either,loads of love jacksiex.


Hi Jacksie the video sleepy is probably refering to is on a recent blog by dayjac. She is a mother who has a grown daughter living with fibro and uses this site to gain a better understanding and awareness of the condition in order to support and help her daughter. The video is on youtube and visually and verbally explains to family & friends what its like to live with this horrible life sapping condition. Look up dayjac and under recent activity you should find the blog and the video. Good luck at the doctors this morning and hope your pain levels are sorted soon take care

Dixie x


Hi sleepy. My two daughters have watched the video and it really shocked them. They are now more aware of what i am going through. Jacksie it was on one of the blogs yesterday. Soneone was asking how to make family understand what we go through. ((hugs)) <3 xx


Hi sleepy!! I'm finding it increasingly difficult to absorb and remember new information given to me. I used to be quite academical but it now takes more than a few times for things to be explained to me. I find myself stopping in mid sentence cos I can't remember what I was going to say; I go into rooms and forget what I went in for; I put the milk in the cupboard and the Marmite in the fridge; I panic about where my car keys are and they're in the ignition!! I used to be a perfect speller, now I question myself as to if I have the right spelling!! What a bunch we are eh??? XXX


i ALSO FIND IT DIFFICULTto absorb and remember anythign,i cannot hold a conversation and never know what to say in situations.thinkof somethign one minute and then forgotten what it was .i cannot make my mind up about things and dither as to whether i should make a doctors appt.

(this is anotehr topic but i need to say it anyway)BTW dcotors are not doing anythign fro me.i know i have an ovarian cyst my abdomen is a solid hard liumpy painful mass and this weekend it swelled up even more and eating my dinner yesterday caused excruciating pain.


Hi sleepy

okay I have just sat here for 3 minutes wondering what I am suppose to say, instead of scrolling back up and checking what you had written. This is bad tonight. Oh yeah, the video, I could have starred in that, I think we all could. I am lucky that I do not have to get people to listen, they have watched it for so long now and daughter has seen me this way all her life so for her they way I am seems normal lol. xxxxx


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