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Hi everyone, hope you are all as well as possible. I am nursing a miserable cold just now and will be so glad when it's gone. I was,however, very pleased that it was a cold as the beginning of it gave me such enhanced pain it was unreal !! So once I realised I knew it had an end point. But enough of that; I have been back from holiday a few weeks now. I went to Marrakech, the first week in August and was lucky enough to get a heatwave!!!! This has happened now in Egypt, Cyprus and now Morocco. The whole week was 46C to 48C - oh bliss!!!!! It makes no difference to my back pain which is down to an old injury but the fibro virtually disappears. No meds needed, lots of energy and wait for it ...... drum roll..... I slept 7hrs every night!!!!! It made me really giddy!! I know that when I get back it all starts again but for that time I get a wonderful respite from it all. I made some new friends as always, one being a beautiful Cobra although I told it's owner off for having it perform - well you have to try, and sent a would be bag snatcher off with no purse but a lovely bruise to his shin and a smack around the back of his head grr! I brought back lots of good Saffron for the spice cupboard as well as proper sugared almonds and gorgeous dates. Now then, looking through various posts there have been some disturbing things happening so to those of you suffering at the hands of this condition, at the hands of others or just bad luck like falls etc then I send love and healing and hope this phase passes quickly.

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  • Hi Molly, sorry to hear your nursing a cold at the moment but wow your holiday sounds wonderful☺ oh would I love to sleep7 hrs😴 good job with the bag snatcher👍 the saffron dates and spice's are worth the trip also. Take care. Chris. xx

  • Thank you!

  • Nice story honey glad you had a great holiday xx

  • lovely good to get away......x

  • The bruised shins of a would be bag snatcher made me smile! A warning never to mess with a fibro fighter :)

    So glad you had a great holiday, I couldn't cope with those temperatures and I hope the cold ends soon.

  • Thanks 😊

  • Wow, what a fantastic and eventful holiday. You must have felt like you were in heaven when the fibro took a back seat 😊.

    I think you gave a new meaning to the phrase 'Fibro Warrior' with your bag snatching BLEEP. Well done ! So proud of you.

    Hope your cold is soon gone and you're feeling wellish again.

    Hugs xxx

  • Thanks hunni!

  • Hey Hun,

    Sounds like you had an absolutely amazing holiday, I'm so glad that you managed to get a respite from your Fibro even if it was brief, it makes everything feel so much better for a while doesn't it! Not sure if I could cope with that heat though, I really like winter! Xxxx

  • I'm the opposite and have the instinct to just sleep through winter - well, if I could sleep of course 😂😂

  • Hibernation is always a good choice lol 😂. Xxx

  • I love a good knitted jumper and Ugg boots!!! :) xxx

  • Oh yes!!!! There is that 😊👏🏻xxx

  • Plus a fluffy blanket and hot chocolate!! xxxx

  • Stop stop 😂😂😂😂😂 !!!! Ok I'm heading for the kettle and the options jar - willpower? What's that? 😂xxx

  • YES DO IT!!! What flavour?!? Willpower..... isn't that a swear word hahaha xxx

  • Belgian choccy - it's leftover from the Marrakech trip - yes 35C at night and I was on hot choccy😂 Yummy! Thanks for the inspiration !! Xxx

  • Haha I am exactly the same, sat in the office with Uggs, a scarf and a blanket! No hot choccy though :( xxx

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