Evening all

Evening all

Well the form has been post, i await a reply with bated breath,,,not. Im gonna live forever so this Government can stick that in their pipe and smoke it, i might be in pain with that living but i am determined that having worked and paid tax for 45 years , they can now keep me for the next 45 ha ha , well that will make me 105, im going for it, hope you are all having a decent day x

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  • Good attitude, love the pic x

  • Thank you , i try and keep positive xx

  • Wonderful and a brilliant attitude even if you are not successful you will know that you have worked them hard and done everything you can but I am sure you are going to be successful. Let us know when you hear anything.x

  • Thank you , got to have a laugh at some of the situations they place us in xx

  • *Grinning* Cute! :D

  • A helpful perspective, especially just before sleep. :)


  • Good luck.


  • I hope this all works out well for you! :) KT_Rose

  • That's the attitude that keeps us going.

  • Going to do a bit of that living at the weekend folks, im going singing , I sing with a ladies Barbershop chorus, though unfortunately, I don't get to stand to long with them these days, but im going and im going to try and stand long enough to sing a couple of songs with the girls xx

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