Good evening everyone,just wanted to share with you all

I just wanted to share with everyone that I actually managed to get out this afternoon with my 5 year old son and took him to a big park.Ive been virtually bed/house bound for the last two weeks struggling to even clean my teeth.It was so nice to be out and feel a bit normal.I wasn't feeling too great this morning but I managed to have a bath and decided that I was going to take my little boy out as he really wanted to go to the park.And after the park I managed to get some shopping as well.I know that I will be suffering tomorrow but it was well worth it.I love the autumn weather,the crispy brown leafs everywhere on the ground and liked watching all the kids playing in the park and my son was so happy that he was at the park.However when I see kids with their mums and dads I feel sad that iam a single parent and with a disability but was just greatful for being able to get out today.Iam off to bed now as it's quite late and iam really tired now.Sending you all much hugs and happy vibes xx :)

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  • aw! that's wonderful haribo :)

    pleased as punch for you hunny you'll need warming and cuddly lavender or rosemary fluffies, you choose hunny, after a nice hot bath when you get up and take it easy today :o

    You know I think one day, not today! :D we should have a virtual day at the spa :D I think as its that time of year when we fibros need it most :o ;)

    Try not to worry about your boys having a single mom with a disability they have a wonderful mum who cares and loves them dearly, which, is something a lot of children don't have or receive, your boys and you are a family that is united with that bond. My mum brought 3 of us up when my father died, she worked the whole time with crippling arthritis from being in her 30's and the 3 of us are just fine :)

    big cuddly hugs my friend

    xxxzebxxx :) :) :)

  • Hi zeb,can I have some lavender relaxing fluffies as I need them to calm down my roudy bunch of fluffies in my petting zoo as they are starting to get a bit out of control! Not sure it was such a good idea now about the fluffie petting zoo.Ah well,maybe another time when iam feeling more up to it and the fluffies have all calmed down,hehe :D I've always wanted to spend a day at a spa,just what I need after tousling with all the fluffies!Thanks for your support and I look forward to the spa day :)

  • always :) they are on there way heheh! fluffie petting zoo watch out for evil cats :o remember they are becoming sneakier with their advances :D hahah!

  • I've already rounded up some special guarding fluffies to keep watch!Thanks for the advice :)

  • armoured fluffies for protection are on route Haribo xx

  • Thanks zeb,they arrived looking very scary I must say with all that armour! :O

  • Well done haribo so pleased for you, and I bet you made your little boy happy with a day he can cherish, and I'm sure you will have plenty more, you take care haribo, hope you enjoyed your lovely warm or hot lol bath, sending you extra soft gentle hugs..Dee xx

  • Hi dee,thanks ever so much!Havent had the bath yet as many mum and dad are round putting together a new bed for my kids.yes my son was very happy Yesturday,and he brought out his iggle pickle with him as well,hehe :D hope you are having a good day :)

  • Haribo how brilliant I hope you dont creak to much today but it was worth it wasn't sounded absolutely marvellous I am so pleased for you!

    I totally agree with Zeb about the spa day I have suggested a trip to Blackpool to see the liights I am sure our imaginations can run riot!

    Well done ave a calm Sunday that does not mean you cannot play a little with your son :)

    Take care



  • Morning gins :)

    I must have either forgotten or missed that suggestion it is now noted you may need to nudge me to remind me :D

    xxxzebxxx warming fluffies? healing fluffies snuggly fluffies or all fluffies ?

    LOL :);)

  • Hi gins,thank you!No creaking today,well not too much :D I look forward to the relaxing spa day out very much.Hope you are having a good day :)

  • Morning gins. A Blackpool day out sounds like fun, we should be just in time to see the lights, oh goody never seen Blackpool lights before always been a wish of mine good idea gins, hugs to you ...Dee xx

  • Hey Haribo..!

    That's such great news that you got out to the park. I think some people underestimate how much it means for us when we're able to do something 'normal'. I've had a great week away on hols in the Cairngorms and need to share something with you. We took 10 curly wurlys with us..! I can't think where the craving for curly wurlys came from ;) What's more surprising is we brought 5 back with us. When I unpacked them I said "oh... (sad face)... I forgot we had those". I have remembered now. They won't last long now my friend ;) I hope you're not suffering (at all/too much) from your trip out. Have a wonderful, restful Sunday :)

    Pip xx

  • Hey pip,well darn it if I had known that I would had hid in your suitcase,hehe :D yes I agree,the things that I used to take for granted and to other peeps is "normal",are really special to us when we can manage it.Hope you are having a good day :)

  • Tired and head not great, but I'm ok considering the busy week I've had :) My OH has another week off, so I'm looking forward to doing some nice things this week too :) Hopefully involving both red squirrels and curly wurlys :D Not at the same time of course... that would just be weird ;) xx

  • Did you say curly wurlys? Oh yum yum

  • Pushes gins out the first! :D

  • I think you've had enough young lady!

    They're mine, mine, mine...!!!!

  • Hey haribo, that is the best news ever! So so pleased for you. It's those good days that get us thro the not so good. Fab. I bet your son loved it. Very special. xx

  • Yes he did!Thank you so much,yes it is those days that keep you going!Hope you are having a good day :)

  • Unfortunately I am having a bloody awful day. One of the worst yet and found myself in tears earlier as I just 'didn't know what to do with myself', wanted to sleep but couldn't cos of the awful goddamn creepy feelings I get up my back at these times. Hey ho. Gotta take the rough with the smooth. When I think of how hard it must be for you as a single parent......... I have such admiration. My boys are grown up. (I'm 60 in Jan) I think maybe I feel so bad cos had my 2 gorgeous grandsons for sleep over this weekend. Even tho I got fab partner/their granpop I guess it wiped me out. Worth it tho, being with them always cheers me up. Love them to bits. Do you find it overwhelming how you feel sometimes? Andy, my partner, asks me how I feel and I just can't explain it. It's the oddest thing. It really did warm my heart to read of you and your son tho. Lovely. Hopefully you'll have another of those days soon. x

  • Hi there,so sorry to hear that you are feeling so rough.Lots of rest is needed and being gentle on yourself.Yes I do feel overwhelmed at times,think it's cos iam on my own with two boys who are dependant on me and me being quite ill most of the time.Ive suffered with depression since I was a teenager so I've always had troubles with my emotions.I find it hard also that iam not close to my family and don't see them very often,and they don't understand about my illness.Plus I've got no friends where I live,but I do have two carers who help me manage my day to day life.I do hope you feel better soon,take care xx

  • Congrats for you and your son. I am so glad and inspired by your courage. I have had MS for 20yrs and my youngest is an 11yr old boy and find myself "single" I feel like a medical misfit and going through a lot of set backs, so I know how meaningful and valuable some independence with your child can be. I know it is hard for us, but every we can help them with is worth all of our tears and frustrations. Good job Mom

    Lots of hugs


  • Aww,many thanks!And a good job to you too :)

  • Haribo36

    Good for you. I bet you felt so pleased with yourself and your little one must of been so happy. I hope your not suffering too much today. Take care

  • Hi there,many thanks.Ive not had a good day today as spent a lot of it crying and upset as me and my boyfriend argued and we nearly split up,so now I have a migraine and feel drained so iam just reading up on everyone's posts then it's off to bed x

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