I is back! I has give me laptop de day orff.

Been at a bat care course all day and it seems to have worked, or the atmospherics have improved. We are up and running (running to catch up). This is an injured Serotine Bat having her supper. She'll be released when better. I think we may have an ally here. Cats are the biggest causers of bat injuries and fatalities.

Cookie is being cute and naughty. I put her in her ball and after a bit she went quiet. She'd managed to get some curtain inside and was making a nest. Took some getting out.

The Devil is fine thanks gins, and Foggy you need to improve your aim.

8 hours Sue, is that a record?

Lots Of Love to all xx :D

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  • How wonderful and I'm so utterly jealous :P

    xxx :)

  • And not at all spoooooky :)

  • yes it was :o LOL how does that tune go duh-duh duh-duh duh-duh LOL

  • I wonder if we're talking Outer Limits or Twilight Zone. And only you and I know what we're talking about :P

  • and I thought zeb was humming the funeral march. :P

  • Quite poignant at the minute for me Sue :P

    LOLOLOL Twilight zone deffo :P

    It's hard to type sounds as it were :o

  • see reply to sue :P

  • oops sorry Sian I forgot.

  • Tis ok hunny :) xx

  • How cute. You must have had a wonderful day. I am a great fan of bats, they are the most intriguing creaturesxx

  • Gotta love 'em. and I do. Got a great feeding run just yards from my flat and recorded some beginning of last month :)

    Anyone watching Cats and Dogs?

  • Nar the hobbit. I doubt if you have any of them. LOve bats though, i should have them as my token animal. I am bats. :O

  • Dddduuuuhhhhh I, complete flumox-ed by needing to improve my aim >>>>>>> toddles off to find target and bow and arrow for some practice :p :p :p

    I love bats and even waited for six months before moving into a stable conversion because the bats were overwintering there. Ialso have a very funny tale to tell of an Earl who was staying with me for the weekend, and a bat had come into the house, we tried to find it but the following morning a yell went up from the Earl who had gone to into his bathroom only to find said bat hanging on the inside rim of the loo. I could never have

    expected the reaction it got from a grown man who was squealing with fear :d :d :d the look of sheer terror had to be seen to be believed :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hehehe. Some of our consultants say big burly builders are the biggest girlies when confronted by bats :P

  • You're getting better, that one nearly got me :P :P

  • Good grief. Just caught up with fibro. going to facebook now - and bed. Nite all

  • I love bats, a group of us sit in the garden with a glass of wine on summer evenings and wait for them. We switch on the bat detector and it tells us when they are coming over! Her her, sounds like an episode of Batman, but I swear the only Robin sits in a tree telling us off for being in his garden! :-)

  • Lovely, I've been lucky enough to have been around them a lot, on holiday or at a couple of my homes, feeding runs just outside. :)

  • That is absolutely amazing!

  • Ooh lucky you (and lucky bat)

  • I'm really fortunate and cherish those times. Some may never come back but as long as I have a mind, I have lovely memories.

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