Morning All !

Morning All !

I thought id let you know on here that ive had my steriod injections in hip and shoulder june 23rd and i thoght they had brought me some pain relief but just letting you know that this is not the case ive been back in touch with my new docs which are wonderfull and he told me that i can have repeat 1 in 6 weeks but im unsure what to do im waiting on my bone dentisy scan which my rhumy says he wants to see me in August and by then it should be done and got results back but ive had no app letter also hope you are all keeping ok ive not been too good as the catering trailor that was my own for 17 years i had to let it go as i knew i wouldnt be able to do it anymore due to my pain and fatigue ive cryed and cryed as my Dad and myself had his own catering trailor and i worked on that since i was 13 and im 44 now so it was a catering van to anyone else to me ot was my LIFE but life has to go on just in a different way hugs to all and have a good day Xxxx

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  • blono , Hi my friend, Sorry your in pain but even more sorry had to let your buisness go as I've heard you speak of it with such pride in the padt.I wish you the best at finding something new to do with your time !! Take care.Peck🐤

  • Thanks peck am sure al find time to do something new i cryed day n night but i thought i cud not live wthout my lil Burgerbar i loved it and was part of me n Dads life we worked for years and had some really hard days work but they special memories that will be with me forever hope u ok Peck X

  • Great photo.

    Sorry to hear about all the probs and pain. I do hope that you get some relief soon.

    We do have to change our lives due to fibro and it's very hard to come to terms with, so I can really sympathise with you.

    Take care and best wishes.🌸

  • Conundrum for you whether to see what rheumi says before having the injection I would see what appt you are given.

    Iam sorry to hear about your catering business it must have been a real wrench for your to give it up. If you have to give up any job it is a wrench but that was so personal to you. Take care of yourself. Good luck with he rheumi let us know how you get on.x

  • I am so very sorry. I lost my own little business when my health failed and it hurts so much doesn't it? Especially when you have put so much effort in building it up and keeping it going, only to have your traitorous body let you down. That's how I felt.

    Is your dad still alive? Only I'm SURE that he would say the same thing I'm going to-Yes, your business is very important and means so much to you, but your health is the most important thing of all. So PLEASE don't feel you have let him, yourself or indeed anyone else down. Your health is the most important thing of all, and you need to look after yourself, not try carrying on and on as I tried (and failed).

    I think they have probably already told you this, but steroids can cause problems with osteoporosis, and that will be why they are keeping an eye on your bone density. Also, be VERY, VERY cautious of any treatment containing Phosphorous/Phosphates to aid in strengthening the bones. They do work well in replacing Calcium when you have osteoporosis, but it can make the bones not just harder, but brittle. This happened to my wonderful wife and a fall turned into a nightmare because of it. I would not want anything like that to happen to anyone else.

  • Thank you for a lov reply and really helpfull they dont tell you any of this when they sticking needles in you and thank u for tekling me about your own buissness its a real blow mentally it was my life since i been 13 years old i loved meeting dif faces everyday and funny things they would say one day some1 walked past my pitch and said any testers haha then another customer was talking to me and he went its first day of summer i went Yea he say the av a day for everthing now they even gona have a Natial Burgervan Day haha i cudnt stop laffing hugs to u X

  • But ive just come to a differnt part of my life and very different than i imagined at 44 but you have to get on with it no point in been down and in pain i rather be in pain and to be happy X

  • I'm glad you are accepting the terrible decision to have to leave it. It is best for you I know, but oh, doesn't it hurt? I also used to love meeting all the different people and the great things they'd say. Sometimes I'd find myself in the middle of the daftest conversations, but I loved it too.

    My life is NOTHING whatsoever like what I imagined it would be when I was a child in the 60s, but then I guess that must happen to most of us?

    You might like this one, it is a list of genuine "National Day of..." days.

    The list is already amazing and new days get declared all the time.

    Why don't we make Sunday, the National Day of Caring for Fibro Sufferers (NDCFS)?!

  • yea make a FIBRO DAY haha every week !🕊 and if i didnt have this site a wudnt have met such wonderfull peeps on this site so every cloud does have a silver lining X

  • You are doing so well, you are handling life's changes much better than I do.

    Yes, I am so grateful to everyone on here, for being such a refuge for me also.

  • Hi blono,

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have been so poorly, and I sincerely hope that everything goes well with your next injection, your Rheumatology appointment and your DEXA Scan. I have the DEXA Scan every year as I suffer with Osteoporosis.

    I am also so sincerely sorry to read that you have had to let your little business go, it must have been such a hard decision for you. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend, and please take real good care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank u Ken for heartwarming words

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