Good evening everyone

Hope you have not had too much pain,fatigue etc today.I didn't manage to get out today but managed a wash,didn't get dressed though so alas iam still in my bed gear which I seem to live in,lol.I just wanted to let peeps though that I may not be on here for the next two days as it's my sons 5th birthday and will be taking him out tomorrow and Sunday so I will be paying for it next week but at least it will be for a good reason :) iam just hoping that my body will be kind to me as I have been aweful physically and mentally.Iam going to have to force my body to get out.I wanted to also say that this site has been a lifeline to me lately and iam so grateful to all the peeps on here for your kindness and support.It really has helped me through some difficult days.So here's wishing you all a lovely weekend :)

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  • Hi Haribo - Do hope you have a lovely weekend & Happy 5th birthday to your little one. X ann

  • Thank you ann,hope you have a nice weekend too x

  • Happy birthday to Haribo;s little man (sorry dont know your name)have a fab weekend , and gentle hugs to your mummy xxxx

  • Hi skippy,thank you! My name is Jane and my son in the pic is Caleb xx

  • Hi Haribo of the curly wurlys...

    Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time. I've been a bit quiet on here myself as I'm struggling at the moment. I have a newly diagnosed diabetic dog that needs to be taken out every hour or so throughout the night. What with that and doing his injections, I'm shattered. Well done on having a wash. I'm really in need of having one. You can probably smell me from here ;) Bit too much for me, but must shower tonight as I'm having my haircut and eyes tested tomorrow. Can't inflict myself on others in my current state ;)

    Have a fab weekend with your son's birthday celebrations. I hope you can enjoy yourself and that the fibro, etc gives you a break.

    Pip xx

  • Good evening pip,sorry to hear about your dog,it sounds really tough for you at the moment.How comes you have to take him out every hour?Talking about smells,well there was a funny smell today and I was not sure what it was but now I know! Hehe :D how did the eye test go?I had a nice time today albeit it was a struggle and iam not feeling well this evening,and I've got another day out tomorrow so I just hope my body holds up :O

  • So sorry to hear you're not feeling so good, but well done on going for it today even though it was a struggle. I hope your body does continue to hold up, so you can enjoy your day out tomorrow. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Sorry about the smell ;) I managed to have a shower this morning. Eyes slightly changed, so new glasses. Need them lightweight to tolerate them, so that's just under £400 spent today (yikes).

    Re my poor little boy, the diabetes makes him dehydrated, so he is drinking far more than he should (at mo 1300mls of water per day instead of the normal 700mls). This means he needs to 'go' more and it's constant over a 24hr period. After over a week of nights like this I am exhausted and feel slightly at breaking point today. It doesn't help we live in a big flat with a roof garden, so I have to take him up two flights of stairs during the day and one flight at night. He doesn't have the energy/ability to go up himself at the mo and needs to be carried. Stood at the door at 2am the other night with muscle burn from going up the stairs. Ouchy! Thankfully my OH has done it today and will do tonight and tomorrow. I'm not letting her do it during the week as she'd never be able to go to work. Just need to push through till he stabilises. I hope it happens sooner rather than later.

    All the best for tomorrow :)

  • hi Haribo (Jane) lol hope you have a great weekend with your little boy, what a lovely name he has . special gentle hugs all weekend for you xxxx sue

  • Thank you skippy! Thanks for the hugs xx

  • Hi Jane, hope you have a great time over the weekend and Happy 5th Birthday Caleb, he looks so cute! bless you both

    Maz xx

  • Thank you Mazz,that's so kind xx

  • Happy birthday Caleb, gentle hugs to Jane. I hope the fibro eases so that you can have some mom and son on his birthday

  • Thank you mayrose,I spent time with him today doing Halloween crafts and tomorrow it's the ball place.Very loud and noisy there so hope my body holds up,hehe :)

  • Ok you all got me......... yep, me too I got up and dressed yesterday because it was my b-day and was going out :o

    tho not sure I was too stinky ;)

    Hey H! did you know that my name is welsh for Jane? so that makes us a right pair of Jane's LOLOL

    missed you hunny :D

    and wish your lovely little boy Caleb a very happy birthday

    :D xxxxxxxxx Zebedee boing xxxxxxxxx :D fluffie energy cuddles for you to help you enjoy that special time xx

  • Thank you zebedee,your loyal fluffy assistant has returned :D hope you had a fantastic birthday and the stomache eases up for you soon.I really like your name sian and can't believe that it is welsh for Jane :O I've just received the energy cuddles and they are charging me up as we speak :D

  • Hi Zeb, Happy Birthday! Hope you've had a great day.

    Is xx

  • Hope you had a lovely birthday Zeb :) xoxo

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