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My new motto is make the Fibro live around you, not you live around it. After 26 years I have resigned myself to the fact I cannot take pain meds because of other conditions, they either counteract other meds or they make my stomach and duodenal ulcers bleed. I would rather be in pain than risk bleeding to death. Please do not think that I take Fibro lightly but I think with our health we have to make choices and after a long appointment with my GP(an hour)and lots of explanations I decided I would rather live, and then someone in their infinite wisdom decided I may as well have COPD and Emphysema to keep the Fibro company, do they really want to finish me off?. Okay it did and does stop me doing the things I enjoy, I cannot go out socialising anymore, my attempt at doing the conga would be more reminiscent of the Zombie Stomp(Ozzy Osbourne song). Most of the pensioners around here walk faster than me, so I class that as practice for when I am old. I look up at the stairs and I see a mountain, I look down at them and I see a rocky slope that is going to cause me pain. I lift up two folded towels and I feel proud that I managed it. I spend 2 minutes opeing a tin and for me that is an achievement. I come on here and I type a few replies and I feel as though I am the secretary for the whole town. On The Chaser they answer up to 20 questions or so each, when their time is up I am still thinking about the first answer. Everyone knows what they want for dinner, I am trying to decide how much I can actually lift to my mouth before choosing. We all love our dog, I am the one who keeps accidentally poking him in the eye when trying to fuss him. Barack Obama amazes me and I can listen to him for hours, just do not ask me what he said as chances are I will forget and will deny even watching it. Hubby likes an early night, to sleep that is, but never suggests it incase I actually manage to get to sleep and then start snoring thus waking him up again. One of my strong points used to be maths and now I have to add up in tens and then minus numbers here and there. Hubby asks me every year what I want for Xmas and every year I say slippers and chocs, so much easier for me to remember that. Spelling, another strong point, never a word out of place, tbu wno eht lttrees rea tofne lal pernets tub ni eth rwgno rdreo(but now the letters are often all present but in the wrong order). And it goes on, and I ask at what point will people realise there really is a problem and I am not just relying on the sympathy vote, I mean I would love to do my own hoovering without ending up bent like a horseshoe. And I would love to think that hubby might think when I am stuck in the bath that I really only want to show my body off, or I would if it was not broken in so many ways. I would like to go down to the shed to put the recycling away without having to hold onto to anything I can get my hands on and that includes crawling. I would like to make creamy mash potato without huffing and puffing after stirring it only twice. And it would be great if I could chop vegetables without sending them flying all around the kitchen. And as for using sharp knives, always having to keep a box of plasters in plain view. To be able to sit down for more than two minutes before the lower body suddenly loses the will to live. And to go for a walk without having an up close and personal meeting with the paving stones. I hope this gives you a little light relief, because all it has done for me is cause fiery shoulders, numb fingers and tingly arms. And if you can add anything to it I hope it does not take you as long as it has taken me, nearly time for bed xxxxxxluv u all

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  • I've asked for an electric tin opener as top of my Christmas list this year. I have to laugh at it otherwise I'd cry (more!) I hope your choice is right for sound like you are dealing with a lot.

    They need to invent a potato masher that is electric food processor doesn't do bad but it's just not smooth enough.

    Anyone else got any smart kitchen gadgets etc that could help ozzygirl? Xx

  • I have all the gadgets you can throw a stone at lol and then some. Do I use them? Nope! Why? Because they are too noisy for me. I have noise intolerance problems. The only thing I can tolerate loud is a good earful of Ozzy Osbourne xxxxxx

  • Awe I know how you feel I have auditory processing disorder to complicate things so I am very sensitive to noise...I deploy ear muffs and ear plugs for said gadgets. Hair dryers are the worst...eurgh!

  • I have not used a hairdryer for years lol. I have menieres and hearing is low right ear, very bad left ear and I also have a bend in the left ear canal. Other times the tiniest noises sound like xplosions. Waiting to be referred back to ENT xxxxxx

  • i have a potato masher that is more economical than a electric one,does a great job,never ever leaves lumps in it, i think i have the only one in the country, (it's my partner!!!)

  • Hey EJ, I have one of those. I normally start to try and mash stuff but by the second huff and pant hubby tells me to back off and hand over the masher lol xxxxx

  • Oh this really made me laugh as I was trying to think of all of the gadgets that are available (and I love gadgets). I tried my blender but it was so smooth, it was more like gloop.

  • I have given up with gadgets too! Too deafening! Hubby bought me a hot water dispenser so I could make just one cup of tea without having to lift a heavy kettle! No such luck, it's like a Jumbo Jet landing in the kitchen, the racket it makes boiling one cup of water!!! I'd sooner do without the tea or risk the effect of the dreaded kettle! :P

  • Hubby bought me a lovely coffee maker so I could leave a pot on all day long for myself. It had a frother. First time I tried to use the frother tube was the last time. I near went through the ceiling lol xxxxxx

  • Oh liberty I didn't mean to laugh but this reminded me of the only fools and horses episode where the satellite dish stacks the aircraft. Was giggling so hard my husband was really amazed at what on earth I was doing! (Not laughed much of late)


  • Feel as though I am reading about myself. Just gone on to develop Glaucoma as well. Headaches are driving me mad these days. Have just said to my husband I would give anything to be able to go into garden and plant some bulbs, but cant even get to back door these days. Every symptom you described was like reading about myself. Gone are the days we would both go off to the pub to watch the football on the telll and socialise. Now husband has to go by himself and is instructed to keep his mobile turned on (every day is my last!! - well that,s how I feel).

    Dont come on here as much as I used to as I find its becoming tiring answering questions but had to tell you that I understand exactly how you feel. Anyone got a gun?? ha ha

  • I got an Xbox special edition gun if that is any use to you hun. Nice to meet you by the way. I look at my situation and I think I can either dwell or make light of it for me, I mean make light of how I feel, if you know what I mean. I like to put how I feel into words but sometimes when I read it back it all sounds sad and it upsets me, so I re-write and lighten it a bit whilst still getting my point across. I very seldom complain and I am not saying anyone else is on here(I always say when you are born you are dealt your hand of cards and you have to play the best hand you can with them) after 26 years of it I don't really need to. Family and close friends can see when things are bad and I am struggling and do offer to help out. Sometimes I refuse help as I feel if I split the jobs I need to do into two or three goes at it, then I will get there in the end. And we do all get there in the end. This site gets me through some awful times of late and I am so glad I found it. Desparation for others in my boat to talk to led me here xxxxx

  • I,ve had this ME/CFS since 1989 and had to take early retirement because of it. Of course, as I have grown older my symptoms have worsened plus other illnesses which come with old age have all jumped on the wagon as well. Dont get out at all these days but never was one for socialising a lot as I lived for my immediate family, but looking back don,t know whether this was the right track I took. Be lost without my husband, although he does get fed up with me at times and who cane blame him. He doesn',t know what to do and the doctors are a waste of space.

    Like most of us on here I look as fit as a fiddle,look younger than my years and always try not to show how bad I feel, but as I don,t see anyone outside my immediate family these days I don,t have to put on an act for anyone. Thank God for the telly. No more running around town in my lunch hour. Looking after my grandchildren in my spare time. gardening, knitting, embroidery, cooking - all the things I enjoyed. Its OK people say pace yourself. Tried that but have now come to a full stop. I'm OK, I'll survive as long as people let me do things my way and do not put any pressure on me. Expect

    you;re the same.

    My family has all grown up now and the only regret is that both my husband and I can't reap the rewards of working all our lives and not being able to enjoy what's left of it.

    God I sound maudling, but I'm not really. I can laugh at myself and at least I've got all my marbles, but there again some may question that!! LOL X

  • Potatoes ...... Masher.... Peeler what are these words.... Potatoes come frozen in bags, mashed roast or chips as do veg ... I must admit to loving roast parsnips.... I did get a one touch battery operated tin opener the battery ran out suddenly half way round tin... It was like the jaws of death it refused to let go of the can so can and opener went in the bin.

    VG :(

  • Oh dear VG. But I do know what you mean about things suddenly packing in. I tend to bin them too. I look lovely at my can opener and just wush I could use it. But now thinking about it, if I stick Ozzy in my ears, well his music and not him that is, I could maybe get away with using the can opener right. Will give that a go tomorrow xxxxx :¬

  • Thankyou for posting. Sitting in bed fed up as have had a pain fatigue sickness flare up since friday. Im studying law and goin to have to take a week off college because of it. im 34 btw.

  • Vg...sounds like my attack of the dishwasher all over again!xxx

  • i cant use a masher now cos of the pain in my wrists but i use an electric whisk and its amazing....makes the mash all fluffy and ive even seen gordon ramsay use one in hells kitchen so its gotta be good lol x

  • And there mydear lies my problem. I cannot use an electric whisk. The vibration causes me numbness lol and then I just drop the whisk, what a mess lol xxxxx

  • Ah my electric whisk conked out on me, have to get my son to mash for me .. far too sore, I tried to bake today, just some buns, Je... my wrists killed me the rest of the day, luckily didnt have to do much afterwards, wish my back did'nt bend over like quasimodo everytime I do some typing here, isint it bad enough to feel like quazimodo without looking like one, I wonder does it affect my normal gait, need I ask lol

  • Lol, all these problems we have, imagine what we would all look like if we got together for a fibro day out xxxxxx

  • Thank you for posting

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