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paying the price for dancing arrgh

Well I had a little dance on Saturday at the Halloween party. I dressed as a Vampress with devil ears so maybe I thought i could dance as well. My left leg feels like it has been ripped so raw the pain inside. Now i will look like a hobbling witch all week. Sore muscles come with the rap of Fibromyalgia. On Saturday I thought i would have a day off from this boring illness and pretend i could have a laugh and fun like other people do. Well i had some fun anyway and i will have to pay the price with strong painkillers for me on the menu today.

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I know exactly what you mean. I was always one of those people that spent the whole night on a dancefloor - or dancing on a table if the floor was full lol. I miss dancing soooo much.

Every now and then when I get the chance to go out I try to leave fibro at home and all I want is to be the girl that danced on tables 20 years ago!!

Okay, dancing on tables with fibro is not gonna happen but a little gentle dancing is good for the soul.

We pay a horrible price for it but we're all human beings under the fibro blanket. Good on you for kicking back and enjoying yourself. I hope the pain settles soon

Akasha :)


Hi I remember doing that in march this year I was not too bad and my fibro was under control and had been for a little while. I had no stick or crutches and I could dance a bit too,I had been going out with my daughter on birthday occasions,for the last few years!!

Well this night I went out and I had a few drinks and danced quite a lot,we even went on to a nightclub!! I was what I would call more than a bit tipsy .My husband picked me up and took me home and put me to bed....then in the night I woke up........ completly forgot my legs would not work ......and walked off staggered and crumbled into a heap on the floor!! ................eventually I got to the intercom and called my husband as he was asleep in the annex.....It took over two hrs to get me up,my legs were like Jelly....and my knees were not any good as waiting for a new pair!! My muscles are not strong enough when I am sober let alone a bit tipsy lol :-)

Needless to say I banned myself from drinking at all and have only been out once since then and sat on a chair all night. I do miss dancing ..but I miss driving more as over the last six months I have got so bad, I now use a scooter,so hoping I will be able to go to the shops atleast.

I think the hardest thing is knowing what you used to be able to now can't do at all!! :-P

Still we do have our memories don't we :-)

Love Light and gentle hugs x x x

Rainbowdancer x


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