good news for me

i went for an assesment with a podiatrist today and it is so hard to even get an appointment.

whilst i was there he said i would be accepted for podiatry - the visits would be every 3 months and while i was there he cut my nails for me. i feel like i could run 10 miles or dance the night away - IF ONLY - but it feels so good now with my nails cut. i cannot do this as the arthritis in my back i cannot bend to do it and arthritis in my hands prevents me from holding clippers - wow i never thought that having my nails cut would make me so happy

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  • im so so pleased for you.its little things like this make a huge difference hey to our well being.xx

  • i could shout it from the rooftops

  • do it hen if you

  • did it lol xx

  • This is great news, so pleased for you :)

    C x

  • yhank you


  • so pleased for you!

    I get mine done too and know what you mean. there was a visiting student one and, as the next patient had cancelled, she gave me a gentle foot massage too - bliss!



  • omg i bet that was heaven i have never had a foot masage



  • my feet felt great and so light.

    good topic bb!



  • If you get the chance to have a foot massage go for it it is wonderful the most relaxing thing I know xgins

  • How lovely for you and definitely second about the foot massage :)

    E x

  • thank you x

  • how many of us have had a foot masage

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