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Paying the price

Hi all, I had a family wedding Friday managed to get the day off work Saturday but had to change my late shift with an early shift on the Friday. This meant I missed the ceremony but had time to get ready for the reception. My daughter and son in law came to stay the weekend so they could attend the wedding which meant I had to do the mandatory clean up and prepare the bedroom they would be staying in. I knew I would be paying for the evening celebrating and being the host at home with my health but it had to be done. I was right I went to work on the Sunday feeling like hell and am still aching all over and exhausted now my "pay backs" seem to go on longer now.

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i also do shifts but mine are 12 hour shifts , I find it takes me a couple of days to recover after 3 long days .


It is unpleasant when you have to make a choice, health or enjoyment of a family event.

I hope that your payback doesn't last too long and you are back to your normal self soon :)

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Question is was it worth it? I have a little feeling it was😀! Sorry it hurts so much and paying a price for having a good time? Well to me it's worth the memories I have! Pictures can only capture one moment. Memories are for a lifetime!


Awwww, Sooooo sorry. Know exactly what you did. If I have a decent day, I try to get things done then pay for it the next several days ! I am sooooo happy I have a husband that trys to slow or stop me from getting carried away by reminding me I need to stop and also takes over and completes my project . It gets old and I get tired of taking pills but can't move without them . Hang in there, just know, going to be hard after you exert yourself .



I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much for this, but hopefully it was worth it and it will not last too long. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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