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I don't think Cymbalta is for me!

Started taking Cymbalta 2 weeks ago, Dr told me to take 30mg for 1 week and then up it to 60mg the second week, so I did as i was told.... The morning after the first 60mg i thought somebody had hit me on the side of the head with a hammer....the pain was incredible, I felt sick, dizzy and so tired..... so off back to bed i go

That was thursday morning....It is now Saturday morning and I only took 30mg last night and that will be the highest amount i will be taking till i can see the Dr on Monday.... I want OFF these tablets.... I have slept since thursday morning only waking to go to the bathroom and to have a drink and to take my meds.... One of the side effects is appetite suppressant no joke there..... i have had half a bowl of cereal since Thursday....great if you want to loose weight and feel like poo in the process...

Has anybody else had this experience with Cymbalta ???

Hugs Fiona xx

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hi fiona , ive had it under the name of Duloxetine and its not a nice med , well it wasnt for me i got the banging headaches and the normal dry mouth that seem to go with theses tablets :( i dont eat much anyway as i never seem to be hungry theses days so didnt notice that side effect , i hope the doc can switch you to something a bit better that dosnt make you feel like a sack of **** well you get the idea

gentle hugs hun and hope you feel better soon janine xx


Hi Janine, It is a nasty drug but, some people love it... not me!!! I really don't know what to do now or what to try, I was on citalopram but, the Dr was saying they were having problems with patients that were on it with their they are taking us off it.

I was fine on it but, was in a lot of pain from the fibro....

Back to the drawing board i suppose...

take care sweetie Fi xxxxx



I suppose every one is different, it works for me I am only

On 30 I must admit it did take a good few weeks to get

Used to but it does work.

It's was for people who were diabetic, as they get pain

In there legs and this helps to make it bearable

I did think that for me it made no difference so for

A while I stopped taking it, only to find that although

It does not take all the pain away it does make a difference

So I soon started to take it again.

But it takes a while to get used to I take mine in the morning

It's on of the few drugs that has been approved for fibro...

Every drug has side effects but it just depends if you can

Cope with them for a while citalopram gave me head aches



I can't take ant of these meds. They are added toxins which my body can't cope with.... I'm trying to detox so find the idea of adding these meds to the system a bit weird now. I'm cutting out toxins not adding more x


Thanks Stepper, I have been on meds now for so long i often wonder if i would ever be able to be tablet free? It just seems to be a never ending circle of meds, i have tried cutting back on the pain killers but, it just makes me so unhappy to be so sore.

Maybe one day!

You take care Fi xxxx


Hi Viv,

Since i cut the Cymbalta down to 30mg i feel much better, and i think i will do what you do and take it in the morning to see if that makes any difference too.

I was on Citalopram for years and had no problems on it, it was the Dr who took me off it as other people were having heart problems?

I suffer from Cluster headaches and they are a total nightmare, I have to take injections for them as tablets do nothing.....9-15floz of Oxygen per min can sometimes abort an attack if i can catch it quickly enough.

Thanks for answering my post and take care, Fi xx


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