Dancing legs

Well my legs seem to want to dance every night. Just as I settle into bed my legs & in particular seem to have their own little disco. Now I don't mean they move lots but I get hundreds of those little annoying twitches in the muscles. It's driving me mad. It used to be just when I sat down but more often its also happening when I just sit down & rest. Does anyone else get this? And more importantly anyone know how to stop it?

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  • I wish I just had the twitches hun, but I get the twitches first and then my legs literally dance about in the bed, like a puppet on a string, I would kill for just twitches. And when the beggars have finished that ALL my leg muscles then go into spasm, so ruddy painful too. I hope it stops soon for you xxxxx

  • Cannot stop it, I used to be on Quinine and then they stopped that because it has been proved to be dangerous, so I am back to square one

  • My GP gave me a prescription for quinine but I've never been brave enough to try it... on the enclosed leaflet it said to contact your doctor if you suffered from loss of consciousness, coma or death (who writes these things?) so I figured I'd wait to try it until there was someone else around for a few days - I'd never realised it was so dangerous - I can avoid the painful spasms as long as I keep up my salt intake but sadly there seems to be nothing I can do about night-time bad Saturday Night Fever impressions... sigh.

  • Yeah I was doing really well on the Quinine, and then the next thing my GP had aletter from the nerology department who requested my GP put me on them, saying they had changed their minds as they did not want to advocate the use of them, can be dnagerous. So I was taken off them. It can damage the vision and this damage is irreversible. So I am back to square one. But I have Soda water in, and Indian tonic water as I can never remember which one has Quinine in. But it only has avery little as it is not deemed dangerous. But I bet if you donw a couple of litres of it each day it would be enough to do damge in the long term xxxxx

  • Its Indian tonic Water and I think someone told me there's more quinine in the famous brand than the supermarket own brand versions... just not too keen on the taste of it myself.

  • Oh well I bought both and I never had my glasses with me at the time and I never thought to check when I got home either lol. Nevermind. I will just have a glass a day to see if it helps. but no luck so far :-0

  • Have you tried Tonic Water? My GP suggested it, I usually get the lemon & Lime version

  • Yeah hun, I got Indian and soda water, only because I had no glasses on at the time. I am not feeling the benefit from it as yet but I am guessing you would have to drink gallons for it to work. I am going back to the GP in the new year as there must be something I can take for this xxxxx

  • I already take hydroxychloriquine sulphate which is a form of quinine for my MCTD so that's not helping :(

  • Ok let me be awkward.. I don't have restless legs I have restless arms so I end up shadow boxing at various times of the night...it's mainly my right arm I have never found a cure , wish someone would

    VG x

  • My right arm has recently joined in too. I have an appointment for nerve conduction tests in a few weeks. Will be interesting to see what they discover.

  • Could I just line my hubby up and see what happens? :O

  • Ok I'll keep looking. If I find one I'll let you all know ;)

  • my husband has restless legs , i have the bruises to prove it ouch !

  • Fortunately mine don't move loads I just get this twitching

  • Dear SuzyB,

    Please see this thread , this may have some interesting comments about twitching in legs


    If the symptoms continue , you may like to consider talking to your GP about these twitches

    Best Wishes


  • sounds like you have restless leg syndrome if it is ask your doctor for low dose pramipexole it is on nice list and it works I have it and I live alone how do I know I no longer kick duvet off hope this helps. I was diagnosed in papworth hospital on a sleep study

  • Please all go back to the GP there are alternative treatments to quinine out there for this condition xxx

  • Hi, people say that tonic water is good for it. Don't know if it works but worth a try. Maybe check with pharmacy to see if you can take it first, just to be safe.

    good luck. ??

  • Tonic water contains quinine

  • I have this problem my legs jump about and go into a whole body spasm in the morning to stop it i take 1 mg of clonazepam and it works if i mis the dose i suffer with it but have been on it for quite a while now and it definitely helps. Its worth a try and as it is such a low dose it won't hurt

  • Ok thanks all. I'll make an appointment to see my GP next week

  • hi suzy

    my gp calls it restless legs syndrome and madapar -levodopa +benserazide is very very effective treatment been on it 5 yrs

    used to think I had been cycling all night as well as the twitching etc my legs/ ankles felt bruised rubbing against the sheets and each other - hope you get some relief soon xxxxx

  • i get jumpy arms and legs at any time of the day and night.my kids laugh and jump as well and say mexican wave.i have spasms and my arms and legs go tight before they fly then i get cramps. i drink a bottle of tonic every day.i was told it might help. the spasms dont seem to be quite as bad at the moment could just be coinsidence.

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