Well thats a good start went to open front door wind caught lounge door and my dear little doggy made his escape jus as we were taking my daufhghter to work as her car not insured now so i was taking her , yes great fun at 8.30 am chasing around my cul de sac after my rusty !!! lol well he was anything but rusty when i was trying to get hold of him he was like a bloody whippet going round thought it was great fun to go on all the neighbours gardens for a wee ( could have been worse) anyway 10 long mins later and stressed and legs like jelly finally cornered him in neighbours drive !!!!!!!!) bless him he had lovely time and daughter got dispatched to work so all was well in end . ok got to meet my darling sister now for few hours so this was quick five mins catch uop will be back later love to you all Diddle x

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  • our dog Bailey is forever leaving home, , hed just had his 2rd op on his hip, 1st op to plate and pin a break, 2rd because the first didnt work so they had to take whole ball joint off, somehow he escaped out of garden, we found him 20mins later sitting in the lounge of the local undertaker

  • my greyhound was a sod for that and he was an ex racer so you can imagine trying to catch him lol

  • Lol Lynz , that did make me chuckle !


  • sitting here chuckling just imagining you trying to chase a greyhound[lol]

  • Awww don't these little darlings give us a run for our money lol as long as they don't get hurt that is the main thing xx

  • Haha,

    You have just gave me good visions of you trying to chase your dog lol.

    Sorry for laughing xxxx

  • Oh well Diddle, at least you had an early morning workout!!!. Hope you are not still suffering tho lol. Angela x

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