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That's it no more nightshade foods!

Right I am going to stop all nightshade foods for the next two weeks and see if it helps. I've cut back on potatoes and tomatoes before and found much benefit so why do I go back to eating them?? I am such an idiot!!!!

Has anyone had any success with cutting out certain foods?ive also cut out nuts as they are known to cause pain.Im really going to do it this time as I'm struggling with my dogs(see my other blog) and am on the verge of buying myself another mobility scooter,I sold mine last summer as I was improving but I've gone downhill over the winter and I can hardly walk again. FED UP with it!!!!

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All artificial sweetners and no cereal or bread at breakfast though I can eat them at other times. And my ibs sulks cos it has no reason to complain

Good luck



People recommend cutting out just about every thing

But I have found that not eating potatoes, not eating

Bread and as our volunteer says sweeteners does help.

I found sweeteners in non diet lemonade last week so you

Have to look at about every thing.



well right now all I eat is veg and salad items. Every other day I add a tin if tuna to the mix, that is about it for me. Cannot say it has made much different tot he pain though, still just as bad. My motto 'never sell anything you have needed once before'. Good luck in cutting otu things again xxxxx


Dairy and bread, although pitta bread seems to be ok. Sometimes find potato is a problem for me too. When you say nightshade foods, what do you mean?


Nightshade is another name for the Solanacae genus of plants which includes potatoe, tomato and Aubergine (Egg Plant) as well as Atropa Belladonna (aka Deadly Nightshade, a very poisonous plant), Tobacco plant (Nicotiana), Capsicum (Chilli), Physallis (Cape Gooseberry).

If you ever find a potato that's turned green don't eat it as it the green area contains solanine which is a toxic alkoloid.


Yes I feel I have more control over it all since cutting out fibro toxic foods. Nightshade sap my energy.. Google 9 commandments for pain. That's what I'm doing. Dairy is a big trigger, yeast, wheat, artificial sweetners, Caffiene, alcohol, sugar makes any reaction worse. I take q10, magnesium and omega 3. And zinc. I only have meet once a week, I have fish instead. I have rice instead of pasta, soya imstead or dairy. It's made a big differece. I haven't had an IBS attack for a test now and not taking pain relief. Just got to get sleep sorted now lol. Its not à cure....but or is definate treatment x

Read thé Lectin report ! Thats how i learned x


it's interesting to read what you say abou these different foods.... I just learnt something :) thanks

but..... I was led to believe that chilli was a natural pain killer..... not that I'd recommend eating them whole lol I don't know where I read that but it was a long time ago. I don't use salt on my food.. it's added by the occasional orocessed food that we have no iter choice ut to eat when we aren't well enough to cook anythng, but I tend to add ground chilli fakes and black pepper to season food. I just use a pepper grinder and fill t with lakes dred chiles. it doesn't f course rid you of pain but I didn't realise what I had once read mst be wrong. I didn't knw it ame under the sae group.

thanks fr all the info xxx


Stepper can I ask what strength magnesium do you take?


I've found that I have a problem with uncooked tomatoes, potatoes, wheat, lactose, pulses but have found that I can use the gluten free products and have also started to use spelt flour. Once I discovered what I couldn't tolerate I began to feel a bit better and lost about 2 stone in weight as the intolerances were making me bloat and I remember feeling hungry a lot. Now I eat much less and although it doesn't get rid of all the pain, it has helped indirectly as I'm not carrying so much weight around.


hi, i ate cherries last night, today i have bad ibs and joint pain, i feel 100 years old. how did it go cutting out nightshades? i'm still learning!


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