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Pains in my legs :( Wonder if they would just chop them off!!

Hi all,

So I've been stuck in the Monday for the last few days. As I have had no money until today when I got paid from the job centre.

My night time route is to pot (I don't have one), I don't wake up till 12pm if not later.

So today woke up about 11-12, sorted Ursula (the cat I'm fostering), I got ready, grabbed my shopping list and card and key (gas and electric) and went to catch the bus to go shopping.

Arrived at Asda and begin my shopping, bumped into some friends while round and some at the same till, and had a little natter with them.

Anyhoo I have been finding hard today to do since tasks, harder then normal as I can't stand at the sink very long to do my dishes as as soon as the pain gets to bad I have to abort and sit down :(. I am trying not to stay seated for to long as sometime I sees-up and can't get off my sofa. But I had to come to bed earlier then normal cause the pain in my legs. I have taken my medication for the first time in days as I haven't been in any pain or felt the need to take them. But now I'm lying in bed waiting for my medication to start working.

So I'm thinking if I don't get a letter from rehumtology tomorrow I'm going to ring them as it's rediculous, I'm hoping to start college in October and if in going to be in this much pain it's pointless applying... :(

If I can push for a wheelchair then hopefully it won't be to painful.

Also I have a friend with FMA and hypermobility and she has applied for DLA/PIP and has been refused, I'm guessing its cause she isn't as bad as me I know she uses a bike to get around and has lost loads of weight. She had a stairlift put into get house but was told she couldn't carry her daughter on it so she removed it as she couldn't see the point in it, apparently she was also refused DLA/PIP cause she works, even though it's not means tested.

Any ideas or advice I could give her

Thanks xx

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hi you don't get DLA [don't know about PIP] for what illness you have but HOW it affects your life eg.dressing..bathing..walking..making a meal safely..night time care etc...plus you can work whilst receiving DLA ..and why would your friend remove a stairlift? surely she needed one to have gone to the trouble of having one fitted....that seems a shame....most people get refused the first time on applying for DLA ..so perhaps you may need filling in the forms x


I don't think I can as she isn't on any medication as far as I no anyway. As for me I'm on medication. And have aids to help me around my flat:-

I have a bed lever, two hand rails in my bathroom, a heightened toilet seat, said bath lift, hand rails outside my front door, my sofa is heightened so it's easier for me to get up.

I'm also on a bit of medication:-

Dihydrocodeine 30mg 4 times a day (for my back pains and polycystic kidney disease), Lansoprazole 30mg, Antihistamine 10mg (food/animal allergies), Pizotifen 0.5 & 1.5mg, Amitriptyline 30mg, Furosemide 20mg (once to twice a week).

I try to take the dihydrocodeine as and when I need it, as it does give ppl problems going to the loo.



hi are you on DLA ? X


Yes but I had it b4 I got diagnosed with FMA


Susan I said the same thing to my hub the other day ,but then I hear that people who have legs off get phantom pains just as bad .Im suffering bad too at the mo .I have any benefit not because I don't need it because I do but I saw all the trouble others were having ,it's not fair when we are ill anyways .Take care sweetie hope you get what you need xx


Thanks Matrix,

I tried to contact rehumtology today as I want to push for an early appointment and they haven't received my referral letter. So I will be ringing them next week. As today I have had some pain in my right leg and foot. :( it seest up and it way very uncomfortable and painful to move. I has pain from my right foot yesterday trying to get my shoe off :(



I'm so sorry Susan that your hurting and believe me I know about pain ,I'm suffering with bottom ,hip ,thigh ,knee calf and ankle all on my left side so sitting is impossible and then the glories of restless legs need I go on .Need I go on I really hope you get some help oh I forgot the joys of peripheral neurothapy .xx


Oh dear well I hope you get sorted soon xx


Well I probably won't because I hate going to my doctors .So I have all my meds but I very rarely go its my own fault I know ,I think its a phobia xx


You could take your husband with you for support. And he could help explain the issues you are having. B positive xx


I know but I just hate going and its no good me saying I will cause I know I won't .Im always positive well mostly .Have a good weekend xx


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