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Saying goodbye is so hard

When my e-husband left me he didn't want his dog Sassy so she stayed with me. She is a cross dobermann/husky and is such a good girl. But sadly she is too big and energetic for me to look after properly - I don't remember the last time I took her for a walk simply because I can't walk very far let alone hang on to her lead. There is nothing she loves more than having a fuss.

But I can't cope with her - so sadly I have had to sign her over to the Blue Cross for re-homing. Everyone tells me it is for the best but I feel incredibly guilty letting her go. I told her that the kennels is like Hogwarts for Dogs .... she just wagged her tail bless her.

I hope she gets rehomed quickly - she deserves a lively family who can take her for long runs.

We still have 2 little dogs in the house - so they are getting spoilt rotten - both are with me on the settee as I type :-)

Julie xx

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You've done the right thing Julie, I can imagine how hard it is when you love your pet so much. You've been very unselfish as you've thought of your pet and not how you feel. So many people only think of themselves and forget about how their pets might feel. We have two dogs, I know if I thought their lives weren't as full as they should be I would have to do the same as difficult as it would be. Bless you. :)


My daughters can look after the smaller dogs - one has an 8 month old baby and is soon to return to work, and my other daughter is at sixth form and has a part time job; but Sassy tipped us over the edge in terms of coping and giving her a decent quality of life .... I'm trying to be brave but I am missing her so much :-(

Julie x


Bless your heartmimfeel for you i really do but you have done the right thing you really have and she will be re homed with a family who walks her for miles which is what she wants and needs but it does not take your rotten feeling away does it , but it will go graduall and you willl start to feel better eveyday about it and like you say you got 2x little doggies to care for

my daughter did the same earlier in the year her partner bought home a 7 week border collie saing i wll do everytjhing which he did for 2 weeks then the summer season was looming and he had to start to get his fast foosd place up to speed then come may he would be gone from 8 am to iam in the peak weeks and the dog was geting huge by now so she put him omn a website and funnily enough a family she is familiar with came and took him he now has a huge garden is spoilt rotten and gets walked in woods etc for miles so he is alot happier now and my daughter has been to visit hinm twice and she is always getting pics of him and now she is expecting another baby so it was meant to be so dont beatyourself up it was nt any easy choice you had to make but it was the right one and you done well to make it x love diddle xxxx


Hi you have done the right thing here.i gave my gorgeous staffy sasha up to my best mates when me and ex split up..

She went with them and had a happy did right thing.i miss her every day.u will but she will be happier.x


Aww bless you! Your words made me cry as it reminded me of when I had to get a puppy I had rehomed. It was a long time ago and my x partner and I had bred her. We had their mum and 3 other pups and I really wanted to keep her but my x didn't want to. Evie (as we called her) had heart problems and the vet said she probsbly wouldn't last past her 1st year and my x didn't want to face the fact we might lose her. She went to a friend of mine who loved her like a baby and could put everything into caring for her. She not only survived but went on to have pups of her own, of which my sister has one. It's so heartbreaking when you have to let a pet you adore go but for me it's the best thing I could have done for evie. I miss her every day though.

It will be hard but you will eventually come to terms with the fact you have done a very selfless thing in making sure sassy Has a good life. I commend you! Please be assured you have done the right thing.

I also had to give eves mum to my cousin after she began fighting for dominance with our other dog chilli. It was really bad to the point where there was blood up the wall when they fought. She went on to have a fantastic life going night fishing and walking for miles. She died of cancer a few years ago now.

I kept another pup from the group, chilli ( my namesake on here) I saw her be born and she was with me until she died. That was horrific! She was already suffering from cancer and one night she jumped out of my bedroom window and smashed her elbow and shoulder. ( she wasn't allowed upstairs. While I was at work my daughter put her in my bedroom. we used to have rabbits under the back window in the living room and chilli used to go in and out of the window whenever she wanted, hence that's why I think she jumped out of my bedroom window. She didn't realise it wasn't the same) I was at work on my own at the time and had to wait some time for somebody to come in to cover me. It destroyed me. It was going to cost £2500 to fix but the vet said he thought she had less than 6 months to live because of the cancer and it wouldn't be fair to put her through the op and rehab so the best thing to do woukd be to let her go. She was so doped up on painkillers, she didn't even know who I was! I buried her in the garden.

I now have an 11 year old Japanese Akita after my daughter bought him for her husband as a birthday present then found out she was pregnant. I've had her now for about 7 years. It sounds a bit weird but I'm kind of glad that she's old as she can only walk slowly now( I rally hope people understand that I would never wish her pain). If she was young I would have had to rehome her too as she is a big powerful dog, even now. I adore her and I know that she is coming to the end of her journey now. It will destroy me when she is gone but I know that she has had a pretty good life with me and will take comfort from that.

I'm sorry, to put my own story forward, I just wanted you to be reassured that she will have a great life and you have done a very courageous thing. Please take comfort from that. I'm glad that you can still keep in touch.

Love and gentle hugs

Chilli xxx


Its a hard decision you have made but anything with husky in it is a bundle of energy so I can see how your dawgie would tip you over the edge. My heart goes out to you and your pets, Im sure that a loving home will be soon found who can manage the energy of the dog. Enjoy the ones you have to help remove the sadness.

love nn :)


Thank you for your comments folks - and Chilli it was lovely to hear your story. I can't imagine life without dogs .... but once I am living alone, when the girls finally fly the nest, it will have to be a minature Yorkie or something of a similar size and demand for walkies!

Julie xxx


Awww, so sorry you had to do this, really feel for you! I have 4 cats and I find it hard to cope sometimes. My oldest cat is 16 and one that adopted me 3 years ago is probably old. The 2 younger girls are 3, so I think I must try to cope because who knows how much longer the older ones will be with me? My main problem is that my back door isnt suitable to have a cat flap fitted.


i am so sorry , its so hard to let go, i lost my cassey a cat i had for 15 years, he was a inside cat and so loveing, but we do have a dog millie, she is small and i cant walk her , but if i do manage it i get to take her on small walks, both my husband and i are thinking of getting another small dog, its worth thinking about, having a small dog dont need so much exercise , millie plays with me in the garden , i throw a ball or play tug of war with her when my wrist and ellbows dont hurt to much , suex


Berry is very good on the lead and Poppy is very good on recall so they are not too bad to take out .... not today though I have way too many aches and pains. Maybe tomorrow :-)

Julie xx


Bless you. My nan kept her dog that she could not look after as he was far too big and energetic for her and what a unhealthy and sad life that dog had. His nails grew long from not getting out, only getting them clipped while I visited as I gave them no choice. They fed him treats of biscuits, toffees,cake... constantly and I had to watch him grow old before his time.

You have done the right thing even though it is hard. I will pray for someone to be looking for him and fall in love as soon as they meet xx

I am not able to have a pet where I live now, lost my cat, Nutty of 17 years 1 year ago. Don't know how I am going to live without an animal around (have an injured pigeon on my balcony for now). I hope to foster short term next year and take holiday cover for my friends to get my caring fix. They bring out the nice in me. God bless you xx


hugs to u all.... i have a black/white border collie.. who is 10... she is my life... but.. does not get out as often as she should.. my husband tries at least once a day.. i couldnt get rid of her as i love her so much.. but i am lucky i am not at the stage where she has to go.. but.. i can only say. ur brave for letting her have a better life.. god bless u.. hugs xx


If only you could shoot a husband to put a bad one down like you can animals.... lol


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