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Has anyone else tried massage?


My boyfriend recently qualified as a massage therapist. He's been doing a combination of Swedish and Hot Stone massage on me once a week for the last 4 weeks and the effects are amazing! My muscles pain has receded to all dull ache, I have more mobility and my sleep has also improved. Certainly the night of the massage I go into a deeper sleep than I've had in years. I've tried acupuncture, physio, hydrotherapy, heat therapy and just about everything else for my fibro but this is the only natural therapy that's had any impact at all. Has anyone else tried massage and found it's helped?

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Oh you lucky thing

Yes iv had massage snd it does help i try and go every month just have neck and shoulders done x

I know, I'm a very lucky girl. He trained because of me, he saw how much pain I was in and wanted to do what he could to help. Just one of the reasons I'm marrying him next year :-) x

Yes massage has helped me but for it to be really beneficial I need it every week ans can,t afford it... Congrats on getting married next year

VG x

I've tried it too and yes it does help a lot but like Verygrumpy said I found I needed a weekly massage and that's not affordable even with my DLA.

Fantastic news though that your boyfriend has done this for you and all the best with your wedding plans :D

It's such a shame the NHS don't take massage as seriously as things like physio. In the USA it's treated in exactly the same way and health insurers will pay for it (but at least we don't have to pay for health insurance - what a nightmare that would be). Thank you for the good wishes, I'm hoping the wedding falls on a good day - my dress won't look quite the same with me crawling down the aisle:-) x

By the way all, a top tip to get cheap massages is to join one of the online voucher sites. They often do £35 to £45 massages for around £15. They're free to sign up so you've nothing to lose. x

A few hairdressers around where I live offer half hour massages for £15. If I can't get up to my daughters for a massage I have gone there. The massage therapist was very good when I told her where to massage.

Yes Ive also found massage works well and I am lucky like you, my Daughter is also a massage therapist.

Good luck for the wedding heres hoping its a GOOD day xx

There is a beauty college down the road from me which will do a hot stone massage for £15 - it's done by students but my mum rates it. Worthwhile investigating as much cheaper!

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