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Hi everyone, does anyone know if massage helps with pain from fibromyalgia? My son has just completed a HNC in Sports Therapy and so is now qualified in massage, so I can get massage 'on-tap' in theory, and if it means taking less painkillers that'd be great.

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Good morning, hope you are well

My partner has fibro and says massages in certain areas definitely help like feet and shoulders, but fibro is different for everybody so its all trial and error.

Hope this helps


Hi, my husband massages my legs which are the worst nearly every day with a pain cream & I find that it helps.

Oooh you lucky lady Hidden massage on tap bliss lol For me I do feel it is of great benefit if done slowly and gently and not too often other wise it can increase my pain. But a couple of times a week I think would be good if you can tolerate the touch and it is not too painful. xx


You can only try this. For me Massage is agony on my muscles especially neck & shoulders, my rib cage muscles hate being touched too, I find of any kind heat helps except pebbles they weigh heavy. Everything with fibro is trial and error really.

Yes, find it very beneficial. Keeps muscles more supple and less likely to knot up. Must be done gently. Skim over areas too painful to touch. Lucky you

I found a massage extremely painful as the skin and muscles on my back are extremely tender. I only had a very light massage and I was in agony for days and wouldn't repeat the process. Others have found the opposite and a massage has really helped. I would try a very gentle one first and see how you get on. Good luck.x

Hi, I have been having myofacial body massage and this has been great for my pain. Did normal massage before this and it also helped. Lucky you having a trained son. It costs me a fortune but so worth it. Hope it works for you too. 😁


After trying acupuncture (ouch) and hydrotherapy (too fatiguing at the moment), my NHS physio suggested gentle massage. They were able to provide 6 sessions.

The first was very, very gentle and immediately loosened up my neck and shoulders, which have felt like solid rock for years now. It was immediate pain relief.

The second was still gentle, though she went a bit deeper. All good. The third she tried to get rid of a particularly twanging, stubborn knot and the following morning (early hours) I woke with awful head pain. This lasted 3-4 days. I wasn't sure if it was the massage, but mentioned it and she went back to gentle for the 4th and 5th massage. Again, all good.

She then went deep on the last session (yep, it did hurt, but I didn't say anything because a) I'd forgotten what had happened last time and b) I thought it might loosen it further and help in the long run). Alas, the next morning again early hours, I was woken by severe head pain and this lasted 3-4 days.

So, for me a very, very gentle massage has been highly successful in reducing pain in my neck and shoulders. However, a deep massage causes head pain. It's different for everyone of course, but we have learnt for me what works and what doesn't. I will definitely be continuing the massage (if I can afford to go privately).

If you try it, I'd recommend you start very, very gently and if you want your son to go deeper, go slow and if you do experience any discomfort/pain afterwards, see if you can establish if this is due to the massage or something else. To be honest we are only certain that the massage caused my head pain because it happened twice.

Good luck and here's to fewer painkillers :)


My husband can give me a light massage on my back and shoulders but if he starts to use any pressure it is agony. My bones are sore as well as my skin and muscles so that is probably why.

I also have Lupus and deep massage is definitely not recommended for that.

I would start lightly then leave it a couple of days to see how it affects you.


Hi Hidden

Firstly, congratulations to your soon, and you must be so proud of him. I have been for fully body massage and made me feel much worse and increased my pain levels. However, when I have cream gently rubbed onto my feet / ankles and lower legs by my carers it feels wonderful and soothing? As A1den says, ''fibro is different for everybody so its all trial and error.''

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


It is very individual. I love a good massage but I have learned it can make pain worse after and you can't always tell while you are being massaged. Best to warn your son. It can be upsetting to try to help and make things worse.

It can also be different each time with sometimes it being fine and others awful after. Good ol Fibro eh?

Hi sammychick66,

I had such a lovely physiotherapist

She would give me a massage and I found it helped me a lot.

She also tried me with tape which the athletes use when they get an injury

She placed it from my neck across my shoulders and I would keep it on for a week. Don't worry it's waterproof so you can still have your shower lol

Your son being a physiotherapist will know about this.

I do hope this helps you and congratulations to your son

physiotherapists do such a great job.

Angela x⚘

I tried it and it made my pain a lot worse

Hiya sammychick66

Before I got a formal Fibro diagnoses, the daughter of a friend who is an experienced sports therapist, used to come and work on my back and shoulders, we used to say she had magic hands! She could feel where there was a build up of fluid in the myelin sheaths? and would work gently to release it, the relief lasted days and allowed me to go on working for about a year, so I would definitely let your son give you a GENTLE massage and see how you go, my friends daughter moved and I really miss her.......

All the best

C.c xx

Hello Sammychick66,,,,your son will have to be gentle,,as your condition needs the gentle touch,,,even some blended aromatherapy oils might help,,depending on your skin,,,enjoy your massages,,,,ttfn from karen.

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