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Anyone tried "5HTP" ?

I bought this months ago and never used it due to taking prescription drugs, I'm off all those nasty meds now and have just come across some reviews about 5HTP with really good feedback, It has also said "good for Fibromyalgia" Which I didn't know what I purchased them....I got them to help me sleep and calm my anxiety, so I've dug them out and though I'd ask if anyone has taken them and had any side effects?

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Forgot to add, I got them from Holland & Barratt so they are natural :)


I have tried them, and didn't notice any difference. Quite disappointed as I had read such good reports. I'll try anything none drug that I think might work if it is safe to do so, but as yet haven't found anything that really does anything to help.


I will give them a go, nothing to lose! More for sleep than anything else. thank you xx


Morning E s Happy my daughter takes them and swears by them, and I can see the difference in her I have tried them but didn't get much joy out of them, but not every one is the same what works for one may not work for another, just one thing if u like sunbathing be careful cos,damn it I have fibro fog and cant remember what I'm trying to say, but it boils down to the fact u could burn easier, go on the net it will explain this, I get my stuff from healthspan and it tells u on there in the info for the tablet, have u tried Q10 to give u bit of extra energy, good luck, gentle hugs...Dee xx


Afternoon, Thanks for the advise, I've stopped all my prescription meds now, They made me feel worse so hoping these will do the trick :) xxx


Forgot to say eshappy, don't forget to check them against any other meds u r taking, this u can do on iine can't u, and I'm sorry happy but it's not the 5htp u have to worry about with the sun it's the st.johns wort, which is suppose to be another pill that does the something isn't it, xxx




I have seen lots of discussions about this and its a pretty even split as to whether you notice a difference or not.... As you will have seen by the answers you have got already . If you have given up your meds but are still a little unsure phone your GP or ask your pharmacist if they are ok to take with any meds you may still be on and if they say ok give them a go,

Hope you find some benefit

VG x


Afternoon VG, I've seen more good reviews than bad so there must be something good in them. I'll let you know if I've turned into supergran in a few weeks time lol xx



I have taken them but unfortunately it was contra-indicated with prescribed medication which made me quite ill. That said, my old GP said they could be quite effective but we need to check for bad mixes with the prescribed meds.




Hi Jilly, well now i'm off prescribed drugs maybe they could work better, fingers crossed. I've not heard anything bad enough to put me off :) xx


I take them along side my meds to help sleep. I didn't think they were working until I ran out! I get mine from


Hi Beauty, well I got them at a good price off Holland/Barratt while on special offer £6.99 so if I get any bad side effects it's not too much cash wasted, if they work I don't mind paying full price, which id double what I paid, so fingers crossed xx


Then I think it's definitely worth trying as you are not on prescribed medication. I know my GP thought they were useful.


Yes I tried it, and I have paradoxical effects to lots of medications, and as usual I had paradoxical effects to this, and it stopped me sleeping... Does anyone else have all these horrible paradoxical effects to medication and herbal remedies?


Yup me.... That's why I have the injections in my neck and shoulders ... It's quicker to list what I can take than what I can't ...

When I had to see a locum at my surgery they were amazed by all the meds that flashed up on the computer that I couldn't take ... I am also allergic to penecillin and the long named one they usually give you if you are allergic to penecillin ... I am trying to manage fibro and arthritis. On 2 meds at night and paracetamol ... It's not easy .....

You have my sympathy

Vg x


i've become a specialist in non-medical treatment!!! I have trained in Holistic Massage, Trigger Point Massage, Alexander Technique, Meditation, I use my TENS, hot packs, cold packs, head scratchers that help with headache - I use a acid free diet for my Interstitial Cystitis - the more medications I try, the longer the list gets of things I can't take. I think it was glaucoma medication that started my illnesses off - and when I took the first dose, it raised my eye pressures rather than lowered them, as well as giving me lots of fibro symptoms - and would you believe it, it ended up that the glaucoma diagnosis was a wrong diagnosis and I didn't need the medication at all. I think my GP just think I am a nutter who makes up side effects to drugs - he seems to humour me rather than believing me! Am I the only person in the world who has a side effect of diarrhoea from CODEINE!!


Been looking more in to 5HTP Today and came across this, thought it would be useful

Concurrent drug use: 5 HTP should not be used if taking:

1.Anti-depressant drugs

2.Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors

3.Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI's e.g., Prozac)

4.Tricyclic medications

5.Weight Loss medications (i.e., dextenfluramine)

6.Anti-parkinson medications (e.g., L-dopa)

7.Barbiturates and other tranquilizing drugs

8. Antihistamines and cold medications

9.Alcoholic beverages

10.Intravenous (illegal I.V.) drugs

11.Cancer Chemotherapy

12.Antibiotic Medications


5 HTP is available without prescription and is generally considered safe and may be beneficial for many individuals. Contraindications to 5 HTP use or conditions under which 5 HTP use should only be under the supervision of a physician are conditions in which increased serotonin levels may be harmful. This list is generic and does not represent a contraindication for all individuals. Obtaining professional advice is advised, especially if prescription medications are also being used.

1.Cardiovascular Diseases (high blood pressure, post-stroke, post-heart attack)

2.Extremely Elderly Persons

3.those with Parkinsons Disease, Cancer or Autoimmune Diseases (Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus)

4.Lung Diseases

5.Chronic Alcoholism

6.Liver diseases (hepatitis or cirrhosis)

7.Parasitic Infection


9.Anorexia Nervosa

10.Low protein Diets

11.Allergies (severe)

12.Myalgia (persistent pain and weakness of the muscles)

13.Peripheral Neuropathy (pain weakness of the muscles)

14.Rash or Flushing




18.Sickle cell anemia




Lol reading both those lists you would basically only take 5htp safely if you are totally well



Lol, true. In which case u wouldn't need to take it lol :)


my homjeopathic consultant at Royal London has put me on these. I'm only taking one half at the moment as I took a whole one and wasn't sure if that was what was making me itchy. What difference have people noticed please, as I was put on them to replace prozac as I'm cutting down, taking them two days out of every three, then the third day prozac. Thanks,


I wonder why number 12 is included?


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