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Has anyone tried rebounding (mini trampoline)?

I brought a rebounder from juice master site as it has a soft bounce so won't jar the joints. Wondered if anyone else has tried it? If so, how often do you do it for how long?

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Hello I had a small one years ago bit I think I

Damaged my knee on it.

I have not seen the one you have sounds good, I

Don't know if I would have the energy but I am

Going to juice master site to,have a look, I have

Never seen this site thanks

Love Viv and good luck with it


I also did their 'spring clean' fortnight detox with fruit and veg juices... 1st week was tired all the time 2nd week brilliant and lost 9lbs had energy and good skin! There is a contact number on the site for any advice too x


Hi again

Just been to have a look it's similar

To the one I,had well,I still have it

In the garage

I got mine for gentle jogging, good luck

I don't know what else you would do on


Love viv


with my pelvic floor Id prbably wet on it


You could try jump.....squeeze......jump.......squeeze.But I`m with you on that one lally I would need the largest Tena lady going LOL.

Hugs Jayne xxxx


chuckle chuckkle!!! oh lally you do make me smile

hugs poppy xx


either that or my 40dd would give me black eyes


LOL! Me too! Can you imagine trying to explain how that one is down to fibro!!


lol dont think i could get on one xx


I have used one I have balance issues and I liked it. I think it is good for lymph fluid movement in the legs as I spend hours in bed as i can't wake up and

I think it helps to get my system moving.


I've got one, I haven't used it for a while because I hurt so much after I used it! I'll have to try it again, might be better now!


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