Has anybody tried massage or any other alternative therapies?

My first post so be gentle. :)

There is so many different types of massage, i wouldnt know what to try!

The only thing that worries me is the fact that some days i cant even stand being touched!

I flinched and nearly hit the ceiling when my husband just gently touched my arm this morning. I ended up feeling so guilty and burst into tears.

Sick as anything!

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  • Oh bless you.

    I think with all these things it is trial and error. It sounds like massage would be too much for you at the moment, but maybe some oils in a bath or in a burner may help relax you. It is quite a precise art and some oils don't mix with others and some aren't good for one thing but are good for another, so it maybe best to ask an holistic therapists advice.

    Festive Piggie hugs xxxxx

  • i know that feeling :-( i have HMS too so i am also covered in bruises to add insult to injury.

    my osteopath does a very gentle massage and it is wonderful. He then does the dry needling...Not too many needles but my muscles just relax when those needles go in. Afterwards i can hardly open my eyes and i feel so relaxed. for at least a week after, i have less aches and pains. i go weekly to keep it up.


  • The Bowen technique is another very gentle one where the touch can be as light as a feather. Just remember, there is no room for pain in therapeutic touch.

  • Hi, I'm having Bowen Therapy which is very very gentle, not really massage more touch.I'm also having ten weeks of unbelievably painful Myofascial Release. I feel so sick following treatment but it really is giving me back some my old self back. I always prefer alternative treatments to convention medication keeping an open mind along the way. Also in a strange way I find fibro less lonely when receiving treatments and more in control of my health. Hope that makes some kind of sense! Wishing you well x

  • Massage does help especially the deep tissue massage it does hurt but if you can afford to keep it up it will make you feel better , unfortunately if you don't keep it up you go back to square one .. As I found out when my money ran out

    VG x

  • I couldn't handle massage. Had it once and didn't wake up for a week ! Lol. I had reflexology instead which was much more successful. That was when I was still able to work. Now I have acupuncture monthly and bio resonance, which rebalances the system and derides. I find it really good. I might try reflexology again though. Thanks for the reminder. Have a lovely Christmas x laughter is as good as any massage x

  • I had acupucture quite a lot but got to the stage where I couldnt take the additional pain. xxx

  • I had some acupuncture, and surprisingly felt no pain at all during the treatment.

    I had very good relief of symptoms for several hours after treatment, but it was too expensive to continue, so sadly I had to end my course!

  • We are lucky at our surgery one of the Doctors does aromatherapy, so it 's free if you can get an appointment :-)

  • I trained as a holistic therapist and personally for me the greatest therapy of all is Reflexolgy, true you can feel a wee bit sick after the first treatment but after that its all systems go. Not only is this therapeutic it is also relaxing and stress burning. Reiki is next, then Aromatherapy. I use "No Chemicals ECO Tumble Wash Laundry Dryer Balls " bought them on ebay for £1 59p, I put them on the ground and roll them with the soles of my feet, I have control of the pressure, works a treat. Reflexology I use Grapeseed oil out of Tesco and using about 10 ml, I then mix in 10 drops of lavender , 10 drops of camomile and 10 drops of YlangYlang, it matters not if you don't have a massage as all you have to do is rub the oil into arms chest or any area you can reach, the scent will relax you and the oil will be absorbed into the body.

    It is also worth noting that lots of colleges offer reduced priced therapies you get what you want and the students get bodies to practice on.

    Thank god I trained as I am the first to admit it has seen me through so much. Have a happy new year all

  • Sorry had a fibro sec,I meant that for reflexology I used the balls and for Aromatheraphy I used the oils.

  • That's very interesting, definitely going to try those oils, I suppose you could put them in the bath too? don't know where to get the laundry balls though!!

  • Thanks for all the replies, gives me something to think about!

    I love the idea of the tumble drier balls!


  • I find most holistic therapies work and I think the key common factor in them all is that it means I am making time for ME - and having to relax for an hour - maybe that's the clue

  • Iv tryed accupuncture they put it in my hands an feet first then my back, the treatment was fine but I didn't feel any benifits :(

    I was wondering about massages,I'm guessing the nhs doesn't do massages so where do u go?

  • hi there,if you want to buy tumble drier balls if you go to a site called "buyspares" you can buy a pack of two for £3.75 plus i think it is free p&p, or you can buy herm in currys but are a lot dearer

  • p.s sorry fibro fog moment should read them not herm!

  • whatever treatments we have are all temporary relief. The only one that did help was going to the warm swimming baths at the hospital but you asre only allowed 6 visits and then have to apply again the following year because of the needs for so many. Once again this was temporary relief but more relaxing all be it the first visit you go home feeling worse by the end of the visits yes it gives relief. I tried the swimming baths local but the water is too cold for me. End of the day try anything that is offered, What does not help one will help asnother

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