Excited and looking forward to our visit to the Theatre this evening :-)

Excited and looking forward to our visit to the Theatre this evening :-)

Following on from our enjoyable and memorable theatre trip to see 'Some Like it Hip Hop' dance theatre show, we are going back to the same theatre to see 'Flash Mob'. The best moment was seeing my daughters face when the dancing started when she saw the first one - It reminded me of the time, when she was about 4yrs, and saw Barney (the purple dinosaur) live show in Florida, and the Lion King live show for the first time. It was magical and to know that those moments can still happen. Looking forward to later, but taking it easy for now. Housework can wait!!!

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  • Have a wonderful time later Suzy, it sounds a fantastic show! I love anything that is dance related!

    Make sure you rest afterwards and take it easy tomorrow! Be sure to tell us all about the show, can't wait to hear what it was all about! :)

  • Hi SuzySparkle, i went to see Phantom last Saturday as a 10th wedding anniversary celebration. It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!! I enjoyed every moment.I agree with LibertyZ, get plenty of rest afterwards and have a great time. Love PeppaRosie xx

  • Oh Phantom, another wonderful show, perhaps we should start as Show blog lol! :)

    I would love to see Phantom too!

    I saw Les Miserables, it blew me away, absolutely brilliant! I had never seen a show like that before. It was honestly perfect! :)

  • Many congratulations on your wedding anniversary too Peppa! :) xx

  • Congrats on your 10th Wedding Anniversary - I love the theatre - any live show really - even the one's that are not so good. Before that, the one I went to was Wicked - and it truly was !

  • Awww thank you Liberty :)) I would love to see Les Mis... Love Peppa <3 xx

  • Awww thank you SuzySparkle. I love the theatre too. Don't go very often but when i do, i think why do i wait so long lol. Love Peppa <3 xx

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