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I AM SO EXCITED :) :) :)

my daughter has got to go for a 3rd scan next week asthe little monkey was moving around so much they could not get all the measurements they needed so next fri she has got to go but my little grandson starts school next week and thatt is right in school,run time so her partner saidwellyou take your mum and i will do the school run as the school is half an hour away from me they dont live in my town at all so it is easier that way

i am so excited i have go a pic form the recent scan but to see him moving about i cant awit

when my daughter saw it the other day she said you could see himactually swallowing fluid and it going down into his tummy wow how about that for technology lol

so next fri cant come qyick enough for me

love to you diddle xxxxx

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Oh diddle I am so pleased for you that is just so exciting, and ais you say , wow the wonders oftechnology being able to even see it swallow .........that is incredible..............hurry on next Friday.........for both of us - it will mean that you have your lovely thing to look forward to and for meit will mean that my father's funeral will be over, I am dreading Wednesday i am not at all sure how i am going to cope with it, but at leastby Friday i wll be back home in my little cottage and try to start getting my head round all that has happened. Sorry didn't mean to ramble on, but i really reailly hope you have the most wonderful time with your daughter and seeing little one. muchly, dottii xx

Our thoughts will be with you on Wednesday Dottii. As a friend used to say 'it will come to pass'. Once you are back home again hopefully you can start to heal and put the bad things behind you while you make more positive plans for the future. Jane x

thank you so much Jane - idon't want to hijack diddle's post, but i am very touched by your words and thait you cared to reply ! muchly dottii xx

How lovely for you diddle! Technology is certainly a wonderful thing and seeing a new life before birth will always be a life affirming and amazing experience. My children would be horrified to hear me say it but I can't wait to have grandchildren!! Jane x

Hi Diddle glad things are going well with your grandson. Sithy

Sorry about your dad Dottii it does get easier I lost my mum 2 years ago the pain does ease it just takes a bit of time. Thinking of you. Sithy

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The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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