Why do I feel a burden to our system with this FM tag

Relatives and people just don't understand the fatigue and pain and sometimes depression I go through. They just notice when I'm on form trying to make others happy.I see the confusion on their faces when I say Fibromyalgia...Whats that then? Cant you do a desk job or something.Yea sure thing on tramadol can you imagine it.

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  • Someone said to me the other day " Oh, that's one of the 'fashionable' things for people to have, they are not really having serious problems". I still haven't got my jaw off the ground. I wish they could have FMS for a day so they can see what it is like to live with such a "fashionable" problem



  • hear hear! I say that constantly :)

    xxx zeb xxx

  • Thanks Jilly x

  • Hi there

    Its frustrating isn't it?

    one very good method of explaining it is ........The "Spoon Theory" butyoudontlooksick.com

    Good luck and wish you every success with it love to hear how you get on :)

    xxx zeb xxx

  • hi...why bother explaining? its a medical condition..fibro means tissue and ligaments and myalgia means pain...simple...and if they don't get it so what...I get sick of people saying oh never heard of it!...we don't question peoples illness so just don't bother pet...and stop trying to please people because those who love you and care for you will understand you have an invisible" illness that stops you doing things,migraine is use often by people who really only have a headache!! xx

  • sorry I was going to say I have been 100% better since I came off tramadol!! x

  • How do you deal with the pain now?

    Thanks for your support.x

  • I have tried to cope without Tramadol but the pain is too much.I only use in desperate circumstances.

  • Thank you everyone for your support you are all too kind.x

  • hi...I try to take care of my body..i quit smoking,and alcohol...I don't eat processed food.and I have a deep muscle massage every month..im knakered the next day but it does help.have stoped taking tramadol...the doctor gave me Topamax to control migrains starting which they have,i take two a day...I take co codamol for pain relief plus VIT B complex not multi vitamins just b vit complex..they help with pain and energy levels...I take glucosamine for joints...I keep my weight down and try and keep moving...plus since I have done this I have more energy and get out more...it works for me..my doctor has just re done all blood tests and I am low in vitamin d that makes for painfull joints and fatigue! o that's worth asking your doc to check out...sometimes we have to speak up and take a stand for ourselves..just because we are prescribed medication doesn't always mean its suitable for us...I have questioned everything I have been put on resulting in being taken off three! its worth asking...sorry for going on!lol...plus im no spring chicken im 64...ok im an ageing rocker but still 64 lol xxx

  • I know the feeling if I get another roll of eyes I think I'm going 2 scream! The people who annoy me r the ones when ur explaining it aww like yea I don't feel well I've got a headache or yea I'm tired I was out last night what I would give 4 them 2 b in my shoes for 1 day. I had to craw out of bed this morning to get to work so I thought I will be home for 4 so can recharge a bit to do bedtime for the kids and the person taking over from me had a headache so stayed home for an hour to get some rest meaning she was an hour late which meant I missed out on kids bedtime again. I was fighting it all day by the time she got there I had broke down and all she could say was u alright I couldn't find the words to speak otherwise I think I would be at the job centre tomorrow so walked out

  • In the past 2 weeks I have been told ,"you`r just getting old". ?This from a woman the same age a me Who then ran UP the hill I was struggling to walk DOWN.I was told by my doctor that fibro is all about pain and nothing to do with any other symtoms .Am seeing rhumy soon,hope they can help or it`s bye bye doctor.was then asked by a close relative, who I thought understood, if I had been tested for diabeties. But a relative of my husband topped it all by refusing to believe that I would not get better .Bless him.

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