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A good turn done every day, makes life much nicer!

Today I was shopping [sorry, its a hobby] and had given up on some decorations and just browsing, when I looked down and across and spotted covered hot water bottles! I had forgotten I was going to look next time I got to the shops so this was good. I have a puppy coming to live with me on Friday 21st and need it for her to settle with. So I needed the cover to be good and thick.

I was looking at this and on the rest of the end shelf when I spotted a lovely little dog wheat bag - so even better!

But the one thing I was especially writing about happened whilst I was holding it. An elderly woman [stronger on her pins than I am though] came my direction talking to a store assistant who was trying to understand what she wanted.

I think she said something like 'a bit like a hot water bottle but not, its an animal' when she saw me and pounced! "That's it! Thats what I am after! Please, where did you find it?" It was my pleasure to show her and we chatted for a while. She had bought one and found it a big help to keep her hands warm, and needed another.

We understand, don't we folks? So I was able to empathise and seeing her walk away with it firmly clasped in her hands was a big reward for me.

I was sat in a store wheelchair as I had felt my scooter would take up too much space, but she had seen me, discussed things with me, as a human being, not something to be careful around, avoid or dodge.

Finishing my shopping I went home on my scooter with a lighter heart.

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You have had a good day, Sarah-Jane. You must have made her day as well as the mother and daughter re:- the Royal icing. I like to chat to people when I am out and about, too. I always smile at people (even when I am in a lot of pain) and then all the lonely souls latch on (sometimes to my cost!) but human contact is what makes the world go round.

Is the puppy a permanent visitor or are you caring for him/her on a temporary basis?

I have a covered hot water bottle. It is very comforting especially when the FMS causes me to feel chilled to the bone.

Have a good evening. Love and hugs Saskia XX


Sorry, I don't know why I said that, Daisy is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and I will be collecting her at the end of the school term age 10 weeks! I cannot wait. No, she won't be a visitor, she will become part of my family, helping us to overcome the grief at the loss of our Cocker Field Spaniel in August.


So nice to read whn one of us has a good day. we have a pink wheat bag, I get to use it when daughter is too hot lol xxxxx


I have two wheat sausage bags for myself as I need them both when my back plays up. I seem to be adicted to them as I bought Snowmen a couple of years ago for my grandchildren and two this year - dinosaurs!

She will also have numerous other toys and today I found a dog toy which actually looks like the brother she will be leaving behind.

She is going to be so spoilt! However I believe gentle training is important too, so she will learn what we expect of her without fear, keeping her safe and happy.


The best way to train is wothout fear I always say. But in saying that our dog knows what to expect of us but he also knows when he is in the wrong. He goes on the naughty lead lol and he is removed from the room he is naughty in. He then lays by my feet in whichever room I take him to and he does not move until I take the lead off. He normally does this pretty quick and then he goes and lays down in the room he was removed from. So now most fo the time I only have to let him see the naughty lead and he settles. At times he is too bouncy and we cannot afford that incase he hurts anyone as he is so powerful xxxxx


Hi Sarah-Jane,

How lovely that you are getting a little puppy. I love all the spaniel breeds. So sorry that you lost your Cocker in August. Daisy won't replace him/her but will fill some of the void in your heart. It will be so good for you to have another pet to love. All pets give us so much love and comfort. My 2 dogs ( collie/shepherd crosses) are both rescue and so came with baggage, so they aren't the easiest of doggies but they are both gorgeous in different ways. The older one is very clever and very serious (she had been badly beaten and had had 2 homes before we got her 3 years ago from the RSPCA) and Marley is about 18 months now. He had been very neglected and treated unkindly but not beaten, thank God. We adopted him in April from a local rescue shelter. He is a real clown and makes me laugh! They are both incredibly loving despite their past treatment. It is very humbling. I have 2 cats as well and they are very sweet natured and I love them to bits, too.

I am sure Daisy will be spoilt rotten. Have fun with her. I feel quite excited for you!

Love and hugs. Saskia XX


Thank you Saskia. Roxie was a girl, sorely missed. Never replaced but you are right, there is a large space left by her and maybe Daisy can help us heal as we learn all about her. Our cats are in for a shock, but they loved Roxie so I hope they will adjust fairly quickly.

Going to my mums for Christmas - taking Daisy to meet her puppy, a minature Yorkshire Terrier. Theres about 2 weeks difference. Its going to be mad!


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