BLOOD ESR 41 and CRP 14 anyone know how this compares to normal?

My consultant diagnosed Fybromyalgia and said I didnt need any further appointments with her UNLESS my bloods show anything, Ive now got a letter to say she wants to see me because my inflamatory markers are raised (as above) I spoke to my doctor this morning (who is totally unsupportive of my Fybro) and she said they are not high and my CRP has been 17 in the past...researching on the net as far as I can see a "normal" ESR would be 0-20 and CRP 3! I am sure my doctor doesnt want me to be diagnosed with any auto immune condition because she has fobbed me off for years and she will look incompetent if something is actually proved "Fybromyalgia is not a "proved" illness it is an end result of nothing else being found in various tests and had to be given a name to make the patient feel better" Yes this is what my doctor said to me this morning!!! :-( :-(

Anyone got any ideas re blood results?

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  • This site should help:

    I noticed it said that CRP is not positive if it is below 10.

    I recommend that all patients going through testing get a copy of their results and keep this at home, or using an online service like HealthVault. That way you don't have to rely on GPs not making their own interpretations.

  • Thanks, I was shoked when my GP actually said to me "14 isnt a worry yours has been 17"!!! When I think about it my ESR has been raised quite a few times and she has always said to me maybe you have a virus or a cold...surely I would know if I was unwell! :-(

  • my esr has been raised for yrs, Im yet to find out why

  • THanks for making things much clearer than my GP did :-)

  • Thanks and I agree whole heartedly, I am seriously thinking of changing GP's because I am banging my head against a brick wall with her....when I was diagnosed she told me "Fybromyalgia doesnt exist it is imaginary and all in the patients mind" I did chalenge her about this statement today and told her that SHE has been a huge reason that i have had such a problem accepting that I have Fybromyalgia after all how can anyone accept a condition that "doesnt exist" she actually lied and said she didnt say that about Fybromyalgia she was talking about CFS!!? I have NEVER discussed CFS with my doctor. So can you imagine If i was to complain? it would be my word against hers.

  • Thanks..There are 5 doctors at my practice I was thinking of putting together a Fybro questionaire and sending it to them all and the one with the best answers I will change to lol lol OR making an appointment with themall and asking them what their understanding is of Fybro and then going with the most understanding one :-)

  • my crp was 25 but i didnt feel unwell my consultant diagnosed me wiv fibro because every other test tht had been done came back clear ie lupus and thyroid but my crp was high so was diagnosed wiv fibro xx

  • sorry my mistake im saying that i was diagnosed wiv fibro and my crp was 25 sorry for the misunderstanding all muddle .com x

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