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Hi to all

I would like to offer my apologies on a post I commented on. To whoever I offended with my reply to the post I am most sincerely sorry & hope that you can accept my apology.

I do not think the question should have been allowed if it was not permitted to be answered as I felt.

Maybe Admin & myself have learnt from it & it will not happen again.

I did say I was leaving over the head of it but that was said in the heat of the moment & people who went on to comment that if I was leaving I should do & not say I was only added fuel to my fire.

I am a quiet person who does not like conflict or confrontation with anyone. I feel life is hard enough having to prove how ill & in pain I am most of the time to the likes of ATOS. etc to get involved in something so silly.

I was left feeling hurt, depressed & lost over the incident & totally wish I had'nt replied to the post. I will however think long & hard on replying to anything else incase I say the wrong thing.

I would also like to say I DO NOT know how to message a person privately & if I had done maybe the case would not have turned out how it did.

Some of you will know what I am referring to & a lot of you will not as I have noticed quite a few new names etc.

I hope whoever I offended with my reply hereby accepts my apology.


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Please don't worry Jackie, let's look to the future and enjoy our time here at FibroAction! We can all move on, leave it all behind and count our blessings that we have our lovely forum! It's good to see you back and here's to all our future's here! We all make mistakes, say things in the heat of the moment, we are all human, it's how we move on from there that counts and you've taken a huge step tonight so credit to you and thank you!

If you want to message someone privately, you go to their profile and underneath their picture there are options, one of them is to send a message. If you click on it a message box comes up and you can them type your message, select the recipient and then send. Practice and send me one if you like, I don't mind at all. Happy to help any time. :)

Take care and enjoy your time here! :)

Thank you Liberty2

I appreciate your response. I have been having a bit of a hard time lately in trying to help my Mum with my now paralysed brother (whose wife left him 7/8 wks ago) you may remember my couple of blogs. Well, 2 wks ago today it resulted in my Mum & I having words all because I tried to fight my way through my pain & made myself worse. It was an awful couple of days as it is only the 2nd time in our lives that Mum & I have fallen out. Plus my 22 yr old son who I have depended on more than I realised moved out. For no other reason than he felt it time to make the break & I understand that.

Mum & I have made up & she has asked that I let her know when I feel not up to helping out.

I hate the whole situation. I feel I should be there to support my parents as they are now pensioners. Now to top that I feel I should be there for my wee brother.

I have been feeling very down & letting my mind run away with me by thinking of whats going to happen in the future? I feel like its all on my shoulders & is dragging me down. I amputting on my happy there us nothing wrong with me face.

I srayed with my brother from Friday until today. As soon as I got in home the flood gates opened & I cried alm day. I am so exhausted & sore.

This time of the year is usually my favorite as I look forward to being cooler & having less sweats however, I feel so cold as though the cold & damp has gotten through to my bones.

I am feeling a tad sorry for myself to say the least.

Hope you get some sleep.



Hey jusjac I hold my hand up and admit I was one of those who was pretty cheesed off by another goodbye thread echoing ones i had seen many of the same type.. Very big of you to apologise in public on the thread ... I will do likewise, sorry if I upset you and nice to see you back. As Libby says let's look forward now.. Look forward to you back and posting

VG x

Thank you VG

I really have felt lost over it. I feel this is one place I can come to and bare myself of my pain & emotions as we are all alike & we do believe & understand each other.

A lot if the time I feel I can talk about my pain & feelings which sometimes lead on to other problems with virtual friends.

Onwards & upwards eh? I will think before I jump in & say whats on my mind in the future.

I have not slept the whole night. I noticed today I had been having pain in both my ankles which made me very sore when even just walking around in my own place. I came into bed with my hot water bottle & OMG the pain I was havi g from my ankles moved to my shins. I think the heat of the hot water bottle made it worse. I just came back to bed at 6.30 & took my morning meds in the hope that I will doze of for a few hours.

I am also worrying about an appointment I have tomorrow with a guy wbo is going to represent me at my Tribunal for my appeal against the ATOS assessment. He has made me gather every piece of evidence I can from my GP& reports to GP from other Drs I wS referred to. So tomorrow he said we will spend a couple of hours talking & he will build my case up for me. He told me that I can stop worrying as all letters etc regarding Tribunal will go directly to him & when we get a date for the heari g we will have another meeting to go through the case he has built up for me.

He is a Barrister who used to work with my cousin in the Equal Opportunities Commision but left to go out on his own. He is doing this as a favour to my cousin as she does some private work for him at home. Once I mentioned Barrister to my GP her whole tone changed towards me & getting reports etc was no problem at all. We are all entitled to ask & see any records on our medical history. Its in the human rights act apparently. Although he will not be able to talk for me (which is what I thought a representative did) I will be the one who has to answer all questions asked of me but if he feels I am being harrassed in anyway he can speak up for me. Apparently any representative can do this. It does'nt need to be a Barrister, it can be a family member, a friend anyone at all you choose to go with you or you can do it alone.

I am not an emotionally strong person either & it wS only through my cousin asking if he could give her any pointers/advice as to how to procede with the Tribunal he offered to do it as a favour to her. I think I will feel less intimidated when the time comes knowing he is by my side & on my side.

Thinking about it all makes me anvry that I have worked for 34 years, paid my taxes & National Insurance, have never been on benefits up until now & you have to fivht to get what you should be entitled to.

Please excuse any typos as I am using my phone in bed & cannot see all I am typing.

Thanks again VG & I look forward to chatting with you again.



Jackie, honestly speaking here, you have enough to contend with at home, you need to feel you can come here (as does everyone) and know you are amongst friends. Also that we all care and understand. Everyone needs somewhere, somewhere safe to pour your heart out etc. We are all vulnerable because we have this darn condition Fibro, many of us have other illnesses and conditions too, we need FibroAction where we can all "meet" and support each other.

You are most welcome here Jackie! Don't worry about the past here, it's now and the future that matter. It's all forgotten. :) (((hug))) x

(I hope tomorrow goes well for you, please let us know how it goes. I agree with you that the system is incredibly and unfairly hard for us, I have my fingers' crossed for you.)

Aw Jackie...I am new on here but I am taking a guess how frustrated you are by a myriad of things, plus the added stress of your appeal coming up. I hope you get a rest today and let go of the past. We are human. I admire your honesty xxxxxxxxxxx

You always hurt the ones you love. With fibro you hit out at those close to you. You hate yourself for it but can't help it. The constant pain and stress of this condition means we all blow a fuse sometimes. We don't mean to and feel so bad for doing it. Those who care about us and understand this condition will also understand it is the fibro devil talking.

Aww thank you all so much. I really appreciate it.

I will let you know how I get on tomorrow when I meet this guy. My cousin said he is really nice & he's good at what he does. I think I just give him the letters & hospital reports & findings & generally fill him in on me & my daily life. I also suffer from depression too & have done for 19 yrs. One of the Physciatrists reports state about me seeing a Cons Dr Kelly & jeez he was the first physciatrist I ever saw & I have been with 3 over the years.

Feel so glad to be back & able to say things I cant or wont to family as really they dont understand.

:-) ((((GROUP HUGS)))) lol.

Jackie xx

We do understand I assure you Jackie, wishing you the best of luck for tomorrow! :)

Thank you. xx


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