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After my Complaint to practice manager an apology from the doc in question

I complained re a way a doc I hadn't seen me before was only interested in my weight when i had actually went about an allergic reaction to a drug...she was awful telling me the truth hurts when she made me cry...not even offering a tissue when I was frantically trying to find one.

I have several health issues, and am a carer for my son and my mum in law and my weight is an issue but at this moment I was not seeking a tummy tuck just help!

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What a b...h!i know it's hard but don't let it get to you,you work very hard caring for your son and mother in law,your a great mum and daughter in law,she had no right to say that to you and you've done the right thing complaining,don't beat yourself up about the weight,be kind to yourself and let go of what she said,I had quite a few issues yesterday with locum,I wrote blog bout f...in useless locum,although he was 40 mins running late and he apologised well out of politeness I said I won't keep you and he said no I'd rather you didn't,I forgot to write that in blog,anyway he still wouldn't give me any different pain relief or indigestion tabs that I'd had before!i could understand if it was late in the day and it was a busy one but it was only 10 o'clock in the morning!anyway chin up girl,best foot forward,tomorrow's another day

((((((((((((((Big soft hugs))))))))))

I'm quite a strong person however when your health has been going downhill fast and your not getting answers...one treatment leading to six more ailments and feeling like you need to move into the waiting room of your GP surgery...a night having IV drugs at A&E and she simply didn't look fast the in her words ' fat unhappy lady sat in front of her' I'm not unhappy or depressed just simply fed up of having illness. I actually felt well on Wednesday and my boss said jokingly I should write it on the calender....she was right as I now down again!

My usual docs are great and they know this isn't me....why would we want to wait for hours to see a doc if we didn't actually feel we needed one...I have far to much to fit into 24 hours to waste some of that..

OMG!just realised your user name,Mumof5,if thats true your a super mum 5 times over!what a hard working angel you are!!xx

Three have flown the nest, we downsized so they couldn't come back! more info in my profile ....no angel....some call me nuts with a 16 year age gap between eldest and youngest lol

The only way forward is for us to complain when drs who are meant to help actually make us feel worse. Well done for complaining and I am glad you got an apology. maybe she will think twice before hurting someones feelings in the future and treat patients as they are meant to be treated fairly and appropriately.

I did feel worse after seeing her, I cried in the surgery loo before making a dash trying not to embarrass myself in the waiting room...my blood boiled about it all day and later after work sat waiting for the practice manager before they closed for the day...it was not acceptable on any level

I had this problem with my new gp as he was to be my permenant gp I wrote him a personal letter... He phoned the day he received it and we had a good talk and since then he's been super... Well done you for taking action we have to make gps realise we don't go to the surgery for fun..... the opposite I would love never to see my gp from one year to the next but hey thats never gonna happen... I now try and take the approach if we all weren't so Ill there would be a lot of unemployed gps.. That way I don't feel guilty about going so often


VG x

I feel the same about not wanting to be at the surgery...By youngest has Astma and a reflux and my Autistic Son has developped suspected non verbal Tourettes which is a great relief as we had suspected worse after two years of neck twitching he is now having full body shakes and what looks like a mexican wave going on so we are always seeing docs and I feel like we are taking up too much of their time. I will say after my complaint they have been great...I am of the opinion the docs work for us and I want the best care for myself and all of my family.

Well put linksy,I know they are hard working and stressed but we all are one way or another!

My usual GP of 15 years tried to make excuses for the GP's bahaviour but I told him if she had personal issues she should have phoned in sick!

Good for you Mumof5, goodness knows how many other people she upset that day - a total abuse of her position. Well done on getting the appology.

Julie xx

I wondered how many she may upset too but I bet not many would actually complain...when we feel rough we are volnerable but that day she just picked on the wrong person once I had got over the upset I was angry and yes a total abuse....She is the only female doc at the surgery though the nurse practitioner is a woman however she says some of my issues are over who pay grade lol

Morning Mumof5 hope today is a better day and glad you manged to recieve an apology!

I do think it is important to remember that we pay their wages and they are indeed there to be helpful to us to look after us an help us through this ghastly Fibro.

I hope you are feeling better or at least more positive xgins

Morning...Yes I had a lovely sleep last night which was possibly the longest sleep in weeks...been on so much medication of late that I rattle!

My hubby is decorating our dining room this weekend and the house is all over the place though this room means we are now over the halfway point in renovating our new home...My health hasn't been great since moving here and I have thought it was the house at times...I'm so happy here though and i love the town and that w have everything we need.

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