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OMG i went to look at my e mails this morning well i wondered when they were ever going to stop rolling in all from fibro action all of them and a few pm from members who have got my e mail

i was having a few days out to reflect as i thought that what a certain person said maybe true for all of you but no one dared say that my blogs were boring and predictable etc etc i need not got on anyway i started to doubt myself so thought i would have few days off !!!! mmmmmmm

i have 79 answers to my blog and not one of them is nasty all begging me to come back !!!!

i cant thank you all enough i am just an ordinary person who writes mty boring daily life down and apparently you all love it

i really dont know what to say i have had somuch support in the last 24 hours admin libby has been fantastic in fact you all have christine els /whippet lover oh so many of you i would be here all day i am truely overwhelmed and so started my day in floods of tears love to you all my truely wonderful fibro famuily who have rallied round and pulled me up love to you all diddle xxxxx

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thankyou so much i am still in shock at the responses i thought that there would be a few prob bout 10/15 but not that many lol oh well it is kind of you all thanks chris your a true friend and yeah a virtual fibro party sounds great line em up andwe will do shots all afternoon mlol love diddle xxxx

Morning diddle i for one am glad your back blogging.xx

Whopee Diddle so glad you are blogging again ....keep them coming, like i said i need my daily diddle blog...xxxx Mary :-) :-) .

good morning diddle I am glad you are back your blogs make me smile I agree with mary above I also need my daily diddle blog take care love beth xx

Welcome back Diddle, you always make me smile...

Love and hugs Ren

Thank you for coming back Diddle from the bottom of my heart. I need you, you see so I'm very glad to see you back for selfish reasons as well as loving you to bits xxxx


The place is so much brighter today, I wonder why . . . . . hmmmm! let me think . . . . DIDDLE IS BACK! ;) :)

Great to see you Diddle! :)



Glad to have you back with us, Diddle! :D

Gentle Hugs,

Fay :) xxx

yeah diddle is back! can I join the party with my virtual jaccuzzi?


Nice to see you back diddle, you are very well liked and of course it would be a shame if you left.. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The sparkle is back! Diddle has come back to brighten our days with her posts! :)

I think we should have a virtual BBQ to celebrate Sandra! ;)

Sooo glad to see you back Diddle xxx

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