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A public apology

hi everyone i'd like to take the opportunity to make a heartfelt my water bottle!!!

I am so sorry, you know that i really value your help in quenching my thirst during the night. But I can't help it when I get these violent spasms, because of this damn illness. Unfortunately you are sometimes at the receiving end, when my arm decides to have a life of its own, and knocks you flying.

If its any consolation, your not the only victim!!!! My partner gets belted on a regular basis as well, so again i'd like to say I AM REALLY SORRY and i hope that you can forgive me.

love and slurps

sharon xxxxxx

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Hey Sharon, Gentle hugs.

I love it! And I always apologise to inanimate objects that get in the way of my flailing limbs when they take on a mind of their own! The only living thing that gets "booted" on a flail-out it my Kitt, Cadee (KD) - she always sleeps at the foot of my bed and when my legs start to wander by themselves - she inevitably gets "shooed" of the bed quite unceremoniously!


Carol xx


lol that made me smile ,always nice to come on here when your so fed up and someone on here can make you smile and laugh ,thank you xxxx


funny thanks x


Lol lov the way u apologise to ur water bottle and not ur partner. Guess we know who or rather wats mor important for you at nite ;-) lol x just teasing x


Love it. My water bottle gets a fair bit & my assistant. But by far my coffee gets at least 6 a month, always worse when hormones kick in. It is only since being her I've learnt that it is a quirky part of Fibro :) We sure have the best fun x


So glad to see i'm not the only mad one that says sorry to inanimate objects. You've made me laugh thanks soft hugs Marg xx


lol how funny is that but know what you mean i did laugh theni thought about it and thought omg she is right lol love diddle xxxx


a water bottle is a good thing. if you are re-using, don't forget to clean it out regularly.

my private name for myself is "jerk" cos my arms fly out a fair bit. sometimes it's wayward mascara, other times it's trying to put tab A into slot B. I knock things over in the kitchen a fair bit. Thankfully, my partner hasn't reported any physical abuse from me, but I imagine it's only a matter of time since he's only been here 5 months!


LOL!! This is priceless, thanks for sharing! I use bottles for the same reason, I got fed up with spilling things. One shelf in my fridge is full of re-cycled bottles, refilling them can be a pain but I learnt fast to use a funnel.

PIN numbers are the worst, I frequently mess up a till transaction when shopping because my fingers jerk and I enter too many digits etc!

Don't get me started on sewing!

Make-up? I gave up!


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