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Dear CelticMoon and others. I am so very sorry that I have caused upset by my comments on a recent blog. I was actually trying to make a lighthearted joke out of the fact that I AGREED with Celticmoon. I was honestly not telling anybody off at all...there was absolutely no need to as 'celticmoon's comments were not really political in nature. I obviously didn't phrase my comment very well and for that I wholeheartedly apologise. It was honestly never meant to hurt or upset anybody. I think that those of you who have read my posts and comments in the past will know that I only ever try to be supportive of everybody on here. Please forgive me. Jane x

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Oh how could I not after such a generous & kind post... xx

I guess my reaction was a little over-sensitive (I tend to be) & really do not wish to create any problems... I've always valued your posts in the past so let's remain friends & continue to support each other with humour, lots of compassion & a great big dollop of goodwill.

My thanks to Liberty too - it was kind & very gallant of you to also post your regret. To this I add my own.

Every Blessing. CM xx

Thanks CM! We always try to help wherever we can, we value all our members greatly.

Thank you too CM! Onward and upward!

Any concerns you may have, please feel free to contact us at any time. :) xxx

I too think it was very nice of admin and volunteers to post to clear the air, though I must admit I took LGF comment as a nice jokey reply. Celtic no one could ever be cross or upset with your answers you are so kind and helpful when we chat and to all admin and volunteers and Fibroaction people I think many of us understand how hard it is to keep so many of the people on this site so happy, I imagine you all standing in a row juggling posts to keep everything running.

VG x

Like plates spinning... ;-)

Hmmm fibromites and spinning plates...hope the plates are plastic :P

VG x


Thank you to all that have commented, as i mentioned on my replies (on the other thread) purely a misunderstanding. We have resolved it and I still envisage all of us (as said previously) to pull together within the community (members volunteers and admin).

Jane you have no need to worry we all discussed it and we realised the misunderstanding and that was that. I certainly appreciate the comments that you the members understand that there is a lot to juggle to keep things running smoothly and yes plastic plates a must!!

Let's get back to chatting !!


Bless you Jane! You're a genuinely warm, caring and lovely person. We are blessed to have you with us. (((hug))) xxxx

Thank you for your understanding folks. I am leaving all future attempts at humour to VG who is so much better at it! It is always nice to know that admin &volunteers have your support as they really do work hard to support everybody. Liberty especially works tirelessly to ensure that everybody gets the help and support they need when coming on the site and that can be a massive job. All best wishes to you. Jane x

Thank you so much Jane! :) It's my pleasure, always! :) xxxx

Aww thanks Jane :)

Ladygreenfingers don't worry yourself sure we are all suffer from hypersensitivity at times.Take a chill pill and relax.

Great post but I either missed whatver happened, or never let it sink in and have totally forgotten what it was(brain dead today) xxxxx

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