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An apology

For the last week I have been battling a flare ..... I have tried to carry on being here on the board and answering questions but eventually it just got too painful with my neck and shoulder spasms and I just spent time between bed and hopping on occasionally. I am still not quite right but have some emergency muscle relaxants... My consultant who does my trigger point injections in my neck and shoulder is off sick himself so I am late with my injections and it really makes a difference.......

So to those of you who asked questions and posted blogs and either got a very short message from me or no reply at all I am sorry I just haven't been up to it... Today I feel better but will be taking things slowly so I just wanted to apologise as looking back over the past few days it looks like I was picking and choosing who to post to... This was not intentional I was just posting when I could and answering as shortly as I could to save typing

VG x

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Don't you dare apologise to anyone. We all have flares and you are no exception! I hope you feel better soon and are back to your normal (well, as normal as you will ever be lol!) self soon. Please take care and don't worry about us, we will all help each other.

Charlii xx

VG you of all people do not need to apologise, we all know whaat it feel like to have a grand flare. Sometimes we need to relax and just consider our selves - nothing wrong with that- as charli saya we all try to help each other!

Be gentle on your self xgins

So glad you're back Your Royal Fishiness.

I was worried when I went into the Volunteers Hut and found you hiding behind the big stone in your fish-bowl! :(

I will get some fish-tonic from the vet to aid your recovery! :)

Moffy x

You poor lamb, no need at all to apologise to anyone. I hope you feel better soon.

Gentle hugs


Sorry you've been suffering, hope you get back to 'normal' very soon. You are very supportive to other people on this forum, so now it's your turn ! :)

You are the LAST person who should apologise. Maybe you should let us support YOU now and again!

Lots of hugs and things


Exactly VG, you give us so so much, now it is the time for you to receive some of the care, and concern that you so readily I've to everyone here. You have nothing, but nothing, to apologise for, you have done what you should do, you have looked after you, and that is the most important thing. Foggy x

Oh poor need to apologize, happens to all of us. Hope you feel more like yourself really soon.

Hey, great that you've got access to a consultant who does trigger point release - ! Where did you manage to find him? My consultant is useless. He only ever asks me what meds I'm on (no change), how I'm feeling (no change,. still feel like ***t "You look better!" Aarrgghhhh!), and promises to arrange home physio, but never does.

Sorry for any typos, eyes playing up today and can't be bothered to get up and find different glasses :-P

Hugs, Grumps,

Angel xXx

I have had fibro for over half my life :( and can't tolerate any opiates at all neither can I take diclofenic ibruprofen etc so it leaves me with paracetamol .... After years of not coping with pain my GP sent me to my local pain clinic I saw a lady who told me to buy a better fitting bra.... With chostochondritis that's fun and to stand up straight and I would feel like a new woman... I went straight back to my GP who sent me to back to the same pain clinic to see a man this time he felt my neck and shoulders said you are a perfect candidate for trigger point injections so usually every three months I pop into the day patient ward have my injections a cup of tea and biscuits and home by lunchtime... And my quality of life pain wise for fibro is wonderful . Until the system fails like now ... But I have my emergency diazepam I can tolerate and they have kicked in ...

Your GP Should be able to refer you to a pain clinic if you feel you would benefit. Fortunately my GP won't give up on me and at last I have relief...

Am off to read your pm ... Thank you

VG x

That all sounds very positive :-) and I'm glad you're getting that help.

My rheumy actually runs a pain clinic, but says my pain doesn't count as it's the wrong sort of pain than the one they are currently looking at. I fail to see why, unless he just dishes out painkillers, because it's the same long term, chronic and in all 4 quadrants of the body that fit the usual criteria.......j'despaire!

My GP's good, my rheumy isn't. I asked about switching to P'boro from Cambridge recently, and he wasn't terribly enthusiastic about it. Another topic to add to the list when I see him about my D testing!

A xXx

Hi Grumpy,

I've sent you a private message.

A xXx

Glad your feeling a bit better your Royal Fishyness, biggest gentle hugs from your humble serfness Sithy. Ttfn

Thanks everyone .... Normal service has been resumed :D

I would never think this, the most important thing is to get better, and worrying about us is not the way to do it!

Please do not worry about answering me, I do understand and in no way would feel left out.

Take care, Cazx

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