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Eject apologies

I wish to apologise to members who were offended by my DLA poem and any other of ny blpgging I wish also to correct the assumption that because I have blogged mainly humour it implies tthat I do not have fibro or that I am not

in unbearable le pain I have made a very difficult choice by deciding to live with my main illness and notdie with it while I am still able to breath

But like I said any upsets were not intentional and I will refrain from blogging.

Cheers petal

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Please don't stop you keep us all going

With your gear sense of humour you're a very special person and it would be a sadder world if there wasn't people like you in it :-) xxx

I love love your blogs so keep blogging.and love your sense of humour as well.

Ive not moaned or blog away.your blogs make me smile.


hey blossom - you cant please all the people all of the time! Keep on blogging my lovely! xx

i loved reading your dla poem, it was brill and i dont think anyone was offened in any way,

it wasnt personal at all. you must keep blogging,:) its been quite a few days on here , we all need and respect each other and even have a laugh sometimes, hugs. xxx

I really can't imagine how anyone can be offended by you-you are a lovely person and I love your blogs if they are offended it is their problem so just try and ignore them. Take care and please keep blogging sue xx

Its about time people got a sense if humour x

Hi Blossom, your posts do make me smile on many occassion hun,and i look forward to seeing what you've posted in the morning,this is a good thing and if it makes you happy then all the better to you xxx

I agree.

If people cant take the poetry for what they are supposed to be then its there problem and they need a sense of humour.

I admire your way of dealing with this terrible illness.

You know i love it. You carry on being you. xx

Please dont stop blogging blossom! You are an amazing person with a great sense of humour and it peaople like you that bring forums like this together. It would be a much sadder world if people like you werent in it. I doubt i would ever be offended by anything you have to say.

Sending buckets of love to you my friend. Your very kind words helped me through a particularly hard time recently and i would miss you so much!

If i had even a tiny bit of your strength and courage, i would walk all over this life i have and show this illness who is the boss!

You are greatly admired and appreciated just for being you and you help to give people hope in dark time in their lives. I for one, commend you for being the fantastic person you are. Please dont change in any way!

I know im not there in body, ( i wish i could be because it sounds like you need to be held for a while, and i would willingly do that if i could) but im sending you all the love, hugs and positive thoughts i can.

Love chilli xxx

Hi i donyt know if anyone did moan at you for your blog but if they did they had better moan at me too lol as i am always writing stupid stuff on here but like you say you have to have a l;augh or you will cry so your sense of humour has got to keep in tact so you keep writing your poems and putting your funny blogs on here you are my competiotion lol love diddle xxx

hi blossom please dont stop blogging you keep me sane lol xx

We all deal with our illness in different ways, I think it is great that you are able to deal with yours with humour, so much better than having a long face all the time!!. love Angela xx

Hello there Blossom, I am not aware of anyone complaining about your blogging and I haven't heard of anyone objecting to your DLA poem either. As I am on the Admin Team I am sure I would be aware of this. Please don't worry. We all need humour in our lives especially with Fibro etc., otherwise life could get very dull at times. A smile and a laugh are the best therapies in life in my opinion! :) :)

libby de

if you were to read the comments on the poem you would see the scathing comment i was sent on bringing others down It is due to this comment that i have decided not to blog anymore as it rips me into shreds just to think i have hurt anyone i am a pacifist and try only to spread good will this commen thas made me feel i have failed in this respect it is only one comment to you but it left me feeling

a. that i ridiculed people who worked hard to earn a living

b. that i made light of illness and

c. that it was thought as i had used humour as a media to overcome illness that i had no illness and was a fraud.

i thank everyone for thei rsuppory andonly answered thisas it appeared that you too felt i was fradulent ( i hestitated to say lying) as you had not seen any posts that could up set me and if there HAD been one you would have been aware of it

well there was one petal

fadedblossom please continue with your blogs they lighten my life as do many others like diddle and paradise to name but a few. Lets have fun and laughter between us it is so important to keep the spirit amused we do not need to sink any lower. Humor and laughter is the best medicine I know. So please keep being witty ! Love your poem paradise excellent marks 9/10 . keep going xgins

dear blossom, please don't stop your blogs, there have been many days when you have made me smile, and not once did I ever believe you were not in pain.

I believe you are an example to us all with your bravery and wit, as they say you cant please all the people all the time. Take care, best wishes Caz x x x

Hi blossom me again, just to let you know I did read that reply before i commented, and what I said before still stands. bless you caz x x x

For me a sense of humour is one of the most important ways of coping with fibro. Its either laugh at myself or give up and I am certainly not doing that.

So Blossom, keep writing and keep us smiling


please don't go. your poem was very well written and true to the core.

we all need humour and sometimes humour is the best way we can deal with things.

As the saying goes....."smiling while crying inside", so true in so many cases.

our happy little family needs all it's members sharing their thoughts, advice, moans, giggles, good/bad news. we're all in this together...we're all in the same predicament.

you've offended no one

Thoughts and take care

Jan H

Keep blogging Blossom, Humour and a damn good giggle are what is needed more often than not, Keep laughing girl! Hugs sent your way Della xxx

I've said it before and I'll say it again, please don't stop I need all the laughs I can get xxx

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