After heart attack, now FIBRO.Swimming is supposed to be good for fibro sufferers, can i get help with the cost of attending a gym/pool

I suffered a massive heart attack and cardiogenic shock in January this year, three months after this I started with pains in my wrists, elbows, shoulders and was taken off statins to no avail. now I have been told that it is fibromyalgia. My heart has suffered minimal longterm damage and I have been given the all clear, has anyone else had their fibro brought on by a massive trauma. Im finding it hard to deal with that I have survived a heart attack and have to endure these tremendous pains, lethargy and fog. I took early retirement in April due to health grounds and am glad cause I could not cope with work as well

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  • You need a Hydropool. Its the best, safe way to exercise for Fybro and Stroke victims.

    Hope you find one I'm trying to lobby for one in our county.

    Fibro Hugs


  • Thank you I will try looking for one in Wirral


  • hello Nana, I would strongly advise that you speak to your GP about the best options for you with regard to swimming etc. They may refer you for hydrotherapy to start with or say that it's fine for you to attend a public pool, but with your medical history it would be best to check first. It really isn't advisable to just launch into a public pool at this stage.

    I haven't personally heard of Fibromites having financial help to attend a public swimming pool, unless anyone else knows to the contrary. I am almost certain this isn't available.

    It is very common after a trauma to have Fibromyalgia whether this be by an accident, heart attack, illness, shock etc.

    Please speak to your GP first before starting any new activity whether it is swimming or anything else. Please let us know how you get along. Take care. :)

  • Thanks xxx

  • Hi, you can get reduced price sessions for a course at either a gym or swimming pool. You need to speak to your consultant or physio, who will then write to your GP recommending this course of action. The GP gives you a form to take to your leisure centre to sign up and have an exercise plan drawn up according to your needs by qualified personnel there. A 10 week course at the gym costs £3 per session, although not sure if that depends on where you live. I'd check with your GP to see if they run the scheme in your area. Hope that helps! Clare

  • I have been to a Cardiac Gym before the pains really kicked in, but now can no longer do these excercises.

    Thanks for the info, will ask GP and Rhuemetologist next time I see them

    Cheers Nana xxx

  • Please speak to your GP first Nana, they should be able to put you on the right track.

  • Thanks will do xxxx Nana

  • we have a "happy hearts" group available through the hospital or gp. They do swimming, gentle exercise, etc... We also have leisure cards, but see your doctor first, with discounts off the leisure centre and library [books & cd's].



  • cd's & books can betaken out without your gp's consent - unless it's "50 shades" !

  • Read them all, dont know what all the fuss was about but then hey ho I've never been that bendy, Fibro laughs xxx

  • I haven't the energy or motivation to read even a mills & boon!


  • We have Wirral Heart Beat but it does not do swimming

    Thanks for the info xxx Nana

  • I'm trying to find out if Fibro starts with either trauma, stress or virus as it seems to with M.E. I will feed back when i get some results. All the best, Steven

    P.S. Perhaps those who have responded so far wouldn't mind giving a yes or no to that part of your question!

  • Mine appears to have started following my heart attack, some days I feel really down, Why have I survived this heart attack to be left with constant pain and fatique?

  • hello, i have just joined so forgive me if this information is incorrect or not suitable but have you thought of getting an areopilates machine. very low impact. you can find them cheap on ebay. you do need a fair bit of room to use it though.

  • Hi I've never heard of one of these machines but I will look into it Thanks xx

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