pain Clinic and Fibrofog...Preparation tips :) please

Morning all and hope you are keeping snuggly warm in this horrid cold weather. After months of waiting to see pain clinic how do you guys approach it...what I mean is I go blank can,t explain what is wrong without saying a load of gobbledygook and then going home feeling like the opportunity was waisted. Since my visit in April which they sent me for MRI and acupuncture for lower back I have not spoken or seen anybody but loads have happened pains been and gone and new worse pains...its like I have a massive list and story to tell and its a massive blur and getting t out is hard...any tips to be organised and get the best from this appointmnet xx hugs and stuff guys, Amanda xx

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  • Hi,

    write them down as you think of them and take the list with you. When I had my first appointment I found the Consultant helped me by asking just the right questions to get the info she needed. One thing I was asked to do was to list everything I felt was wrong, regardless of whether I thought it was related and that was most helpful.



  • I would echo everything jilly has said, and add if you can manage to write down some of his/her answers, or have someone with you who can, that may help too. I find I sometimes come out with information overload and then forget exactly what went with which question, you may find that helpful.

    I hope your appointment goes well :-)

    Foggy x

  • thankyou guys i am going to sit down with my hubby and write a list and pick his brains too tonight and hopfully come up with a plan. talking about fibrofog i have just sat for 4 hours with my mum who suffers parkinsons and is just as bad a memory as me organising her move this weekend and what a job when both of you are as bad as each other n the brain matter department...we both just laugh at eah other its like a game of cherades xx

  • please make sure you write down everything , even if you think it is so important you cant possibly forget it. do not do what I did when I went to see nuero last week, only got three questions so did not bother. Guess what? when I got there I could only remember one. remembered the others on the way home, including the most important one.

  • A list is great..if you don't want to read it out loud , just hand it over to the specialist, so they can read it themselves. Also do you have a family member or close friend who can go with you for support and encouragement, who can help you remember your symptoms.

    Try and take deep breaths and stay calm. Good luck xx

  • I have just come home and a letter from hospital on my doorstep :( they have rescheduled my appointment a day before due and Its now mid February 2014...i am so fed up and upset about it. I could not ring as offices shut a 5pm...dont know what to do now because just booked my last day holiday off for this. My hubby says go chat with GP bu they were the ones who sent me to a pain specialist. 6 Months is flipping pain waiting to see the man who suppose to sort me and now cancelled :(

  • Oh I am so so sorry, after all the build up and then to have it cancelled so late in the day. I don't begin to understand why they're things happen, but unfortunately they do, and I suppose now you have no option but to wait until February. I would however let your GP know about this and the fact that you aren't happy with thy way you've been treated. There may be a way round it, but somehow I doubt it, I am just so very sorry it has happened to you.

    Sending positive vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi how do I get referred to a pain clinic please do I do it through my gp ? Xx

  • yes hun it was my GP although I thnk I might need to refer to another after this waiting time.

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