Is any of you lovely people on the L.O.D. (Low Oxalate Diet) to help with your fibro pains

Hi I have been on the Low Oxalate Diet since 16th August 2012 And tried to adhere as much as possible to only eating the Low or very Low Oxalate Foods Challenging ? yes,will I keep going ? oh yes I will.

What I would like to know has anybody ever had very painfull muscsles in their ,,,, wait for it lol ummmm Buttocks ( The proveriable "Pain in the Bum " ) No seriously I have very sore buttocks when I sit for some time the pain is just like as if I am sitting on fire, really uncomfortable, but once I take the pressure off of my buttocks the "fire" is almost totally diminished to just a little discomfort and tenderness ,,,,,,, Im asking whether you have had these sensations on a Low Oxalate Diet or indeed as a fibro sufferer only.

Thank you for your time reading this Bri

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  • Hi Bri, it's not uncommon to develop Myofascial Trigger points in the gluteal (bum!) muscles. Could it be this?

  • Hi Lindsey Thank you for reply I have seen a Locum and have been prescribed Gabapentin Now on 3 daily .... seeing my GP next week will let you know the outcome of the visit if I can remember (foggy brain ) take care ty Warm wishes and smiles Bri

  • I decided not to do that diet but yes I often get the pain in the

    Bum as well as being one

    But the pain is not like a fire mine is like I have been

    Punched, you poor thing hope it gets better soon

  • Hi Vivien ty for reply ,,,, love your SOH lol Hope your pains subside too Warm wishes and smiles Bri

  • oh thats odd i have not heard of that diet have you been to your gp ithink i would give them a look to mention the pain etc it sounds very odd bless you love diddle x

  • Hi Diddle (love the name ) Ty for reply Im seeing my gp next week ty for concern Warm wishes and smiles Bri

  • your welcome bri i hope you get on ok at the doctor keep us informed love to you diddle x

  • Hi Bri Neither tried or heard of it, do have the excat pain in the bum, this may or may not help but I use a memory foam cushion when driving, sitting and take one with me when I have appointment etc, may help hugs xx

  • Hi again Tess No not tired the Foam but going to consider a childs Swimming aid (rubber ring ) cant take this pain for too long ouch !!! ty Tess Bri

  • While i think about it why not share some of your reciepies with the rest of us, i'm going to add a blog called recipes and support idea to assist us all in eating/staying healthy hugs xx

  • Hi Tess I havent been fortunate enough to actually find specific recipes for the Low Oxalate Diet I have just read the long list with you can find if you Google Low Oxalate Foods and read that list It should show you a long list saying with are VH very high H High M medium L Low VL Very Low It is recommended if you think you have a diet right now contaning quite a lot of VH H, M foods to NOT go straight to L VL foods as your body will most probably need to adjust slower.

    I have acually joined a forum with similar to here you get loads of ppls avice also lots of specific files containting information which all ppl need to read ,,,, so much to explain Tess ........hope this helps Warm wishes and smiles Bri

  • Hi thank you for all your nice comments I am not sure the way to respond to each of you I am a newbie to this forum and still trying to learn the protacol (spelling) Thank you again I can and will share some information if anybody would like to know mor about the Low Oxalate diet.

    I read the article in the Daily Mail news paper written by a Doctor Morrison also a sufferer of fibro ( 2 yrs suffering) she tried the LOD and within a few days she was remarably pain free and as long as you stay on the LOD will keep you pain free, I have since read that unfortunately the longer you have had fibro cfs etc then the longer you are going to have to be on the diet ( Me since 1996) but I personally will keep going, I look at it this way to sacrafice some yummy foods to be without pain would be like heaven xxx please reply with anything you wish to know and I will do my best to reply Take care all Wishes and smiles Bri

  • I read up on the Low Oxalate diet when the article was in the Daily Mail - interesting as it dismisses things we usually consider to be very healthy.

    I'd be interested to hear how you get on before I make such a radical change to my diet ... but being healthy again would be wonderful wouldn't it?

    Julie xx

  • Hi Julie

    Since reading the article in the DM I have delved lots deeper into Low Oxalate Diet LOD and have found out if you have been suffering a long time with Fibro cfs etc then it is going to take a long time to "dump" the oxalates out of your body especially if you also suffer with in their words a " leaking gut" So as I have had fibro since 1994 (diagnosed in 1996) Its ging to be more than likely that the pain relief is going to be a long time but I am a person that will try anything to get at least some pain relief from the fibro.......... there is also a lot more to learn that just the article Julie which I am learning almost daily one important thing is you also need to take specific supplements I know some of them but still learning as its all in its infancy right now

    I will keep you and anybody else informed as time goes by

    Thanks Julie

    Warm wishes and smiles

    Bri x

  • Hi thank you for all your nice comments I am not sure the way to respond to each of you I am a newbie to this forum and still trying to learn the protacol (spelling) Thank you again I can and will share some information if anybody would like to know more about the Low Oxalate diet.

    I read the article in the Daily Mail back on August 14th Written by a Fibro Sufferer Dr Clare Morrison

  • Hello Bri, I did see the article and tried the diet for a while. Unfortunately it didn't do anything for me and I missed eating some of the vegetables that I love so I didn't stick with it very long. I am now trying the 'guaifenesin protocol' after stumbling across it on a well known book store. Early days yet but I have at least lost some weight on the diet!

    Hope it works out better for you.

    Jane x

  • Hi Bripat, I do get a sort of burning in my buttocks, it is fairly localised and sometimes spreads, it fells like bad sunburn almost like a graze, I have been told that it is nerve pain from my back problems, sciatica, and arthritis, plus damaged discs.

    I don't know if it is the same, but I cannot bear to put pressure on the area either.


  • Hi,I have been following this diet with the full support of my consultant since the first article was published in the Mail.

    Hard to reply at the moment as I have fallen downstairs and have broken collarbone and ribs also blurred vision.

    I say to anyone "go for it "it has made a great difference to me.

    5 yrs ago I had abdominal surgery loosing 1/3 of my stomach.since cutting down on fruit and veg I don't run to the loo constantly and I HAVE BEATEN MY EXHAUSTION !!!!! and my pain levels had dropped until I bungie jumped backwards from the top of my stairs!!!!! I now have morphine added to my other painkillers so it would be unfair to comment for a few weeks.

    Hope this makes sense and if only one person reads this and tries the diet and it works for them I would be so happy x

  • Oh granny, you poor thing, hope you soon feel a little better... And it's got to be worth a try if it means no more running to the loo because I find that totally debilitating! Thanks guyz I'm certainly watching with interest here x x x

  • Hi bri yip guess you could say although were complete strangers were bum buddies lol as I too suffer fron pain in the bum area, as part of my fibro. I find it difficult to sit for long periods and travelling long journeys in cars buses trains and planes can be horrendous. Im now discovering that different types of seating can trigger this symptom hard plastic chairs are a no no as are soft unsupported furnishings - im like friggin goldilocks sometimes. My pain can be a sharp shooting type pain an electrical buzzing type pain, an omg ive been kicked by a horse type pain or the lovely johnny cash ring of fire type pain lol. Oh the joys of fibro eh heres Hoping your botty gets better soon :-) cheers Dixie x

  • Hi all, have major prob with sitting in any position and always figgeting. When I go to cinema (can only go to one that the seats go back in a slanted position (Picture House) and use a rubber ring (like a doughnut with hole in the middle but coated with felt or something). Then put cushion on top and take my walking stick/stool so that I can change positions and put up feet on stool or use kids seat under my feet. This makes it just about bearable, but still keep moving around. My pain comes from the cocxxy (dont know how to spell) because I have probs with 4 areas of back. By slightly sitting forward without reasling it irritates the spine and buttocks. WHen I get up feel like I have a violent suddent electric shock up my spine. Also not sure if I have Restless Leg Syndrome, as my legs drive me mental and found it difficult to explain the pain. Happens during the night and daytime. Does anyone, know about this condition? Thanks everyone. x

  • Yep and its working Well at the moment.

    Buttock pain yes I get that some times

    very uncomfortable

  • Hi I am on the low oxalate diet and have had major flare ups worse than ever! don't know what to do

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