Pushed over the edge!

Sorry this is not really fibro related but my son only startes college last week after been at home for 6 months and today he wont get up to go-its to tiring I admit it does mean he has got to be up early but I fought to get him on this course and this is what he does. I am past myself having a massive panic attack was depressed enough and was on the edge but this has pushed me over -sorry to rant on here

Sue x

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  • you rant away ,i really understand what you meen ,i have two teenage girls ,and i have no energy left where one of them is concerned :( she just drives me over the edge aswell .

    sending you hugs ,wish i could say somthing that might help ,but i have no idea either ,if you ever find out the secret of getting out the otherside where teenagers are concerned ,let me know :) xx

  • hello I agree with lynz rant away its best too rather than bottle it up take care hope you feel better soon love beth xx

  • kids give him a good, kick up the bum, tell him to get out of bed or throw a bucket of water on him, lifes for living and tell him not to waste any oppertunity, and you have a rest you must take care of yourselfxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • you do have to get tough sometimes, we still love them but its time he got his game together, I have poured water over mine it sure worked as did having no food, good luck

  • Water is a brilliant idea I know teens can be scary annoying for us. He is prob frightened of sometime and can't or won't tell you the time has come for him to think like a man and still be a child. It confuses him and when he gets lost in emotions he resorts to anger. He needs you to take charge use the water and when he is relaxed ask hijn a casual way exactly what it is that mKes him not want to go. But do NOT I interact with him ever if he is yelling or swearing at you leave the room go into another room you ha e teenage toddler tantrums on your hands. Pet

  • Thanks for your lovely comments it really really helps to have this familyxx

  • I know how stressful kids can make you and the stress adds to make you feel worse .. My only child is autistic and a teenager sometimes I just can't cope with him and my condition .... Fortunately my husband is my rock and steps in when he can see things are getting out of hand.

    Hope things get better for you xx

  • Sorry to inform you they are just as bad in their 20's & 30's!!

  • My gran told me once that the first 60 years were the hardest.

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