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Does fibro lead to other things

I just wondered, there are a lot of people on here,I only have fibro and

The things that go with it like IBS.

does fibro lead to other illness do you think, lots of people seem

To have related illness like arthritis which comes first,or can fibro

Stand alone or is it a runner for other illness.

Reading some of the research from America they tend to think that

Fibro my lead to heart conditions.

Has other people had fibro for years and then developed arthritis or

Some thing else, and I wonder if you would of had this anyway as

Part of the ageing process

I hope every one is as pain free as possible today

Love Viv

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Hi Viv,

i don't think fibro itself actually leads to other illnesses, but becoming immobile, possibly overweight and being too unwell to look after yourself properly could lead to further disease. There is also a tendency for any chronic ill-health to lead to depression, which is another difficult aspect of fibro.

I think it's important to remember that if you develop any new or unusual symptoms, you should not blame it all on fibro, but discuss it with your GP.

Luv ... Moffy

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Thank you moffy I don't suffer from depression,

Well,that's not true with flare I get a bit fed up but

Don't really think its depression

It seems that a lot of people on here have lots of

Other illness as well so was just wondering that's

All really and it's hard not to put things down as

Fibro as fibro includes lots of other symptoms as

The time goes by I am finding out to my cost


I believe it is a symptom of negligence and the NHS' inability to ask why? Mine was diagnosed by an expert Professor who dealt with sports injuries & also the geriatric [ diagnostic?]

Hi vivien i have had heel spurs with my fibro, ibs restless legs and osteoarthritis which could have come on at any time i suppose but you notice these ailments more because of the fibro pain i also have depression, which has been made worse by all the hassle with atos.

But we are all so different so we dont all get the same ailments, many say fibro is not progressive but i believe it is.

I havent heard about heart trouble with fibro yet.

But you take care and enjoy any good days that you have

Lin x

Hi Lin

Thanks I believe that fibro is progressive as well

Unless it takes a while to reach the limites of the

Illness then stops getting worse.

I know mine has got worse

Hello :)

I too believe it is progressive.

I've had it now for over 25 years, and have definitely seen an increase in many areas.

I do also think it depends on the person, as we know, we are all different.

My pain is constant, then I get huge flare ups on top.

It used to be just flare ups.

The list of symptoms I was given many years ago, included so much that is now said to be separate to the fibro. It's all very confusing really.

I now just think its a very hard thing to say its either 'this' or 'that' without any doubt. I do not believe anyone has it down 100%.

We, the people suffering it, are the ones who can tell our story.

Wishing you Happy Days


I have had Fibro for 25 years and it has definitely got worse. I am more stressed now so that probably has a lot to do with it! My mobility is not good and I have more flare ups.

Hello Aashaw :)

I totally agree that stress makes it worse.

I have made many big changes in my life.. moved on from people that were toxic to me, including family. It's not easy I know.. buy in the end, we have to take care of ourselves first.

A stress free existence is what is so important i believe, to make a big difference to our pain. I also think that it is connected to being pushed in a way, to enlightenment. The choice is made very clear to us hey.

Gentle hugs


I think it's impossible to have a stress free existence but I am now trying to put myself first.

Well, as much as possible.

Getting used to choosing different things so that the 'stressors' are much less.

Putting yourself, your needs and dreams first is awesome :)

Hi,I have fibro,I don't know how I got it as all I did was have a accident at work and did my back in & got weakness on my left side.Since I've been diagnosised with Fibro I have IBS, a Underactive Thyroid,Oesto arthritis all illness's that that affect my auto immune system or in my case the lack of a auto immune system. Chest pain is a symptom of fibromyalgia as is Sinus and Allergies,Breathlessness,Impaired Coordination,Intolerances to Heat and Cold,Muscle Spasm/Twitching of a limb. Fatigue,Persistant Pain in muscels and ligaments,Subjective Swelling,Skin rashes,Dry eye and dry mouth,Frequent Abdominal, Dizziness,Numbness and Tingling Sensation,Environmental Sensations,Cognitive/ Memory Impairments,Recurrent Headaches and Unrefreshing Sleep.

Hope this is of some help.


Hello Gessy :)

Having a big blow to the body is one of the many causes of fibromyalgia.

Just thought i'd let you know.



I think for some people Fibro seems to follow on from other conditions , like arthritis and thyroid problems .

We do tend to be less mobile , which doesn't help with weight gain and that makes us even more immobile , and of course the lack of sleep Fibro brings us can cause depression and anxiety .

Fibro is supposed to come in flares, but for some people it seems to reach a peak and then stay that way , others are lucky enough for it to dissipate and they have good periods in between flares . I guess we're all different and it depends on what other health problems we have running along side the Fibro.



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As the comments above have said Fibro doesn't specifically lead to other illnesses and conditions. We get other illnesses and conditions primarily because we have a predisposition to other things, namely through being overweight or under weight, being Diabetic or Asthmatic, having high or low blood pressure etc.

Many of us in the forum do have other conditions, I myself have Osteoarthritis (I had this for a few years before Fibro), RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) and I also have CFS/ME (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

I think it could lead to genetic multi infart dementia [ TIAS] this [ Alzheimers] my mother had severely and hers too she was hoisted everywhere, flood pureed unable to swallow or speak .Also was told once that many with spina bifida die prematurely of heart related problems probably from this stress of a lack of research and assistance.They also complain of no coordination or holistic treatment too .Just as GPs say disability is not part of their training nor it seems is patient orientated research .Now it is also the cardio & pulmonary .Does the NHS want to kill us prematurely?

PS I would say have it no longer as acupuncture & proactivity must play a part .Also thyroxine from a spina bifida unit that was eventually cut .I now have mobility scooters and ability to sit when need.I am also on a lot of preventative medication which is under control until I find antibiotics a problem again leaving admin unmonitored to test and not question instead of a Prof rotating & prompting sepsis .If I hadn't been in fighting mode aware of the inadequacies cutting on cuts , I suspect would have died with the cardiac arrest like most others unfortunately.Does NHS know this or care?

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