What is going on ???

Received my PIP form and filled it in with the help of an advisor and posted it 21st June 2016 by 1st class registered together with a 100 page file of medical reports at a cost of over £9. The return date on my form was 6th July2016.

This morning 27th June 2016 I received a text message from DWP to say that they had not received my form and if they do not receive it by the due date then my DLA will ceases a lot earlier.

Is this normal or do you have to wait for a sorting team to send them on ?

I would have thought that they would have received it by now surely ???

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  • I was given a tracking number when I posted my form and received a text message the next day to say they have received it can royal mail track it for you

  • Hi Heliboy911

    Did you send your form off by Recorded Delivery or by Special Delivery and did you get a proof of postage?

    If you sent it by Recorded Delivery the only information you will be able to find out is who signed for it and on what date.

    If you sent it by Special Delivery, the receipt you were given by the Post Office has a tracking number on it. You then go on to the Post Offices website and type in the tracking number and you should be able to find out where your form is.

    I hope some of this helps?

    Wishing you much peace

    Lu x


  • It could be a cross over of information. They always contact you a few days before the return date just to remind you.

    Id give them a call and ask them if they have it. :)

  • I truly hope it had been received since you we not thru the trouble to make sure it would be there on time and you paid to send it to assure this!!! Good luck. Peck.🐤

  • Oh that's awful, so stressful. I see others have said about tracking & getting signed for etc. So I hope you have something to go on. Did you photo copy your documents ? .

    Jan x

  • Oh sorry I just saw you sent registered. I think the post office may make a note of it, if it's been signed for and the receipt they give you has a tracking number on it & if you put in P.O. site you can see if they have it or not.

    That's shocking I still can't believe they are saying they haven't got it...

  • Hi Heliboy911

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and as has been suggested it could be a crossover, and I would ring them tomorrow and double check? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Do u need to send it medical notes with it pip form

  • I was told by the man who I spoke with from the DWP to send in as much medical evidence as you can. I did over 100 pages of medical reports and I bet I will have to show them all again to the ones who do my assessment !

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