What hope have I got !!

Went to drs the other day for some x ray results as I had had another fall.

My main medical condition is Primary Biliary Cirrohsis which for those of you do not know is an autoimmune disease of the liver. Alongside this I have fusion of the lower spine and cervical spondolitis . With these conditions I have a lot of pain and unfortunately unable to take the normal anti inflammatory drugs as my liver does not function properly it cannot cope with the meds.

Sorry I lost my way a bit there ( I also have brain fog ) anyway I asked the Dr if it was possible I had Fibromyalgia as I have pain in my other joints (hips wrists ankles ect ) he said and I "quote Fibromyalgia is a term Dr use when they cannot identify a specific cause "

We know what's causing your pain !! He then went onto to prescribes stronger pain killers !!!! Which I cannot take when I'm working as they knock me out :(

I was so dumbfounded I just took it and left the room

Where on earth do I go from here !!

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  • Where do you go ? Back to the GP ! There is no point in him prescribing medication you can't take !

    Is there another GP at the practice who is likely to be a little more sympathetic ?

    He's right in a funny kind of way in that Fibro is often diagnosed when everything else has been ruled out , perhaps he just has an irritating way of putting it :) . Ask for a referral to a specialist if you disagree with him that your existing conditions are causing your joint pains . GP's sometimes forget who are paying their wages !



  • Helen you so right there I will go back again as soon as I cam muster the energy !

    A girl in work said the same she tells her Dr not asks


  • Thanks for your advice Chris I will go back and ask to see a rheumatoligist I'm currently waiting for a dexa scan so watch this space another full week of work over can't wait to go to bed and sleep !sending you gentle hugs Xx

  • hi sorry you have so many issues wiyh your health bless you and then fibro on top how awful . i wouls go see another gp at your practice love to you diddle x

  • Thanks Diddle its year just to get it off your chest sometimes .


  • I'm in a state of shock !!! I had a fall I'm a well known department store in the disabled changing room as the grab rail wasn't secured .

    I wrote to the head office as the store did not respond to my letter of complaint !

    Apparently they do not have a maintance procedure in place and rely on staff to report any defects!!not happy

    Head office asked me supply a Dr report advising what treatment I had had and any relevant medical conditions I had cost me 65 pounds!!

    They have advised me they will reimburse me on receipt

    On reading the report the same Dr who said fibromyalgia was not a condition actually states I suffer from this now and my pain has been ongoing since 2006 !!!!!!!!

    I am speechless

    Has any body else had an accident in a disabled fitting room


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