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What is lyrica or gabapentin for???

I know I am not normal being super sensitive to meds.. But I can take dosulepin 75mg ( antidepressant ) at night along with 0.5mg clonezapam for sleep and they work... But for pain I can,t tolerate any opiates or ibruprofen naproxen tramadol etc etc.. So just take paracetamol which is like eating smarties actullay smarties taste nicer... But my gp has never mentioned lyrica or gabapentin .. I have no idea what they do... Are they the same as an anti depressant or are they painkillers.. do you take them as well as antidepressants or instead of.... Have looked on the internet and all it seems to say is it treats fibromyalgia... But not what they actually are... Eg pain management or anti depressant that is supposed to scramble signals ... Hope you understand this cos I have confused myself just typing this

Thanks VG x

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i know gabapentin is used in the treatment of eplisey and as a nerve block in our condition


it gets in the way of the nerve pathways that send signals to ur brain, so its a scrasmbler as well but it is specifically ntargeting areas where as anti depressants also stimulate serotion uptake.

hope that helps a biy VG


Basically they are both are used for neuropathic pain. This is pain that comes from faulty signals from the brain. They work by helping to block nerve endings thus helping with the pain we get with fibro.

In much higher doses they are used as an anticonvulsant, as again epilepsy is caused by faulty signals from the brain.

They can be used with antidepressants and pain relief and with the right balance can help a lot.

As they work on the brain they can make people very drowsy and forgetful.

I hope this helps.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


Thank you everyone something to mention to my gp next time I go cos I find paracetamol is useless.

VG x


I was on Gabapentin for over two years and although they help with pain they make you fat, I gained nearly 3 stone and since weaning myself off them and im now taking 30/500 co codamol and dulextine, Im hurting, ( I have been prescribed every crap tablet going, mess you up)I can feel the nerve pain constantly and I am awaiting a pain management program. I have basically been messed about for 4 years by NHS, my MRI showed a large extrusion in my lower spine and they just want you to get on with it. I have not had a good experience with health officials or benefits or even family, its like no one really understands how friggin bad this curse really is. I lost my Job of 12 years because I couldnt work and I cant get the benefits to help me much either!

Sue x


Hi I have been iPhone Gabapentin for 3 years and didn't have a problem with weight gain. I am, however, about to try Lyrica as my body is used to Gaba and not helping much anymore.

I think it really depends on the person, we all react differently

Piggle hugs xxxx


Oh dear where did IPhone come from?? I really must check before hitting submit!!

I blame the meds.

Piggie x


Lol iPhone :). I've been on lyrica for a few years and I have to say its fab. I still have good days n bad days but the last time I tried to come off of it I was bed bound for 8 weeks. That really showed me how far I've come with it. Medication does work but like fibro we all have our personal experiences with it


I lasted 1 1/2 weeks on Lyrica then my GP took me off them she kept saying that I didn't look myself because I couldn't string a sentence together and could hardly stay awake! I've heard that it can make you gain weight.I'm hoping that I will be prescribed cymbalta when I see my GP again next week as hopefully the Lyrica will be out of my system.I just have to tolerate the pain til then.


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