I cant believe it i wear 2 x bracelets all the time both of which my partner bought me one is solid gold really unusual with 2 dolphins on it nose to nose it is so heavy and i have been getting rid of stuff putting my hand in boxes etc and i notoced yesterday it had gone so god knows whereit is i dare not tell him so i will wait in case it turns up but i dont hold out much hope or it could have broke and fell anywhere ! the other one is a delicate gold with diamands all the way round was approx £200 2 years ago and iwas in the garden and it fell on the ground so i will have to try to get it repaired but he dont notice things like that so i went to clairs and founfd one like it in the sale for £2.50 and am wearing that at min as cant afford to get it repaired they want about 350 and oineed to pay for all my new furniture this week for the doining room so i dont know what is going with bracelets this week lol but beware i think a fairy must be trying to steal them to weigh them in for cash lol love diddle xxxx

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  • oh dear diddle i hope they turn up hun xx

  • Have you made any cakes recently Diddle????? x x xx

  • hello diddle hope it turns up for you I bet you are looking forward to your new furniture coming this week take care love beth xx

  • Have you got them on your contents insurance? if so CLAIM xx

  • oh yes have not thought of that lol thanks will look on my paperwork thankyou ever so much love to you diddle xxx

  • I usually find that it's when I stop looking for lost things they turn up all by themselves or maybe it's the fairies bringing them back once they've finished playing!

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