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oh my goodness!!

hi all,just a quick update,i had complained to ATOS about the fabricated medical report,i have a new date for 2nd tribunal this friday,was getting itchy as i hadnt heard from them...then low and behold i recieved an email today..they admitted that there was descrepancies in the atos dr report,and have contacted the DWP regarding this...[not sure what that meens?]...the reply was laughable in places eg,i questioned the manouvering round furniture as there wasnt any..they said NO ther wasnt any furniture but that helps the dr to determine that you can see to get round doors and find a seat and my ability to drive!! WHAT!!! LOL they said..quote:the reports we complete contain a large amount of benifit terminology,which REQUIRE TRAINING TO INTERPRET!! OMG! No wonder we dont know what the hells going have "drop down" choices when writing a report so if your answer doesnt come up in the multiple choice they "click" the nearest that applies!! i have written a very harsh letter pointing out the unfairness of it all,i hope it doesnt go against iv had a rant i will go and put the kettle on and cool least its a small achievment getting them to admit they were wrong and to inform the DWP that that i would appreciate any thoughts on this please..its been a stressfull time doing all this on my own ..xxxxx

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hi hun, if this were a tv comedy script no-one would believe it!

good for you, sounds like you've stood up for yourself well.

you're not on your own. I can't help at the mo but others will I'm sure.




hi sandra,thanks for your reply,honest to god if i could find a way of printing the letter they sent me i would!they also said that the dr can learn a lot from our answers eg,manuvering round furniture means that i am mobile and can drive,so being able to drive means i can care for myself and dont have loss of memory otherwise i wouldnt be able to hold a driving licence!! if someone can explain how the hell they get from walking in an office to driving i would love to know!! its no wonder we get stressed is it?the report said in a roundabout way, that whatever we say, the doctor can deduce an opinion of his own as to what we can do!! lol,,i am ringing the DWP on monday to see if they have been contacted,as they said they had..goodnight god bless xxx its a shame there isnt a drop down box to tick for "can you wipe your own bum" lol xxx


Well done. I don't know anyone whose got Atos to admit to anything!!!!!!!

Blessed love xxx


hi,oh really,well i fell i should pat my own back then! lol as i said they have even told DWP they made a mistake! i keep you posted xxxx


Well, done I think they bank on us being too ill to fight back. I had my DLA stopped so appealed had a medical in which their doctor said "it was clear I was FULLY entitled to DLA.' you can all guess the outcome......... NO DLA! mad medical nearly finished me off, now in appeal system, so incapable of anything at moment. To top it off now got form from ATOS. at least I'll be on a really bad day for appeal and medical, so should see how bad it can be. all stay strong coz fibro only affects wonderful people, just read blogs on here, thats all proof I need.


omg i hope they dont stop my existing dla after all this! xx