dwp wont change esa decisions even though i have a a report in my favour from a home visit from one of their own doctors???

ive been fighting for over a year to get in the support group, i had to have a home visit from a dwp doctor and it couldnt of gone better the form he filled in went totally in my favour he stated i had significant disabilities in my hands, arms . shoulders, hips. knees , in his opinion the furthest i could walk before onset of pain was 30 metres, and in his opinion it is unlikely my disabilities will get better,so im thinking fab great no lost my appeal as judge said couldnt use this information as it was after the decision date? in the meantime a year on with my esa contrubution finished i received another atos form i filled it in using all the examples from the form the dwp doctor wrote, ive been waiting now 2 months for a reply from atos , i have asked dwp to look at their decision several times since this new report as my health has deterioted and sending copies of the dwp doctors report in my favour and im still getting they cant change their decision??? im arguing that schedule 3 of support group the distance they say is 50 metres ive got REPORT from their own doctors saying 30, im waiting for their reasons of why they wont change decision again and what atos have to say? im totally fed up but im not giving up going to appeal again i just feel that i have all the proof of my disabilities and they couldnt care less, anyone got any tips of what to do now? xxx

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  • I would get in touch with your MP and ask for there help.

  • never thought of that, thanks going to do that, do i write to them with all the details?

  • i would start of with a brief description like you have above and explain that you are more than happy to provide all the extra information you have if required.

  • Here is link where you should be able to get contact details of your Mp from -


  • The benefits and work website is another excellent place to have a look at. They do charge a small fee for joining but i think it is worth every penny. They also have a forum where you can ask the moderators questions and they are quite well clued up on things.


    Also consider trying the Citizens Advice as they can be quite helpful as well.

  • Hello Bellabot,

    Sorry to hear you are having all these issues with your appeal, its exasperating isn't it.

    You have already been given some good advice but can I also provide you with this link to the FibroAction website which has benefit information & organisations you may like to call for advice


    We can also email you the Benefits & Work Guides for free these include an information guide called ESA appeals, please email info@fibroaction.org and we'll send them out to you.

    I hope this helps and I wish you all the best


  • thank you everyone for your advice another letter sent off to dwp this morning and i need advice before i email my local MP, as ive recognised her as i went to school with her would it still be ok if she knows me? x

  • Off course it will she has a duty to look into any concerns that any of her constituents may have.

  • should i send another copy of medical report with my new letter to dwp? to date i have sent them 3 copies and i dont think any of them have been read.

  • Here when you send more evidence in it has to be there at least seven days before your tribunal :)

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