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can dwp contact my g.p?

i am a couple of weeks from going to my appeal,when a year ago i went to my lady (useless) g.p who i didn't see too often as she would only fob me off,i took the atos report to her and she said "oh atos are very proffesional people and told me basically their word was alw,and said she wouldn't support me as everyone who isn't in a coma or dead can do something instead of living off the state!!!,at that point in tears i left,i then vowed never to go near her again so i changed to a new g.p but as i am seeing him with another bad health prob at the mo ,haven't got round to talking about the rest of my health issues yet,i asked my union rep if i should tell the dwp that i have change and she said ,don't bother they won't contact your g.p as they expect you to provide the evidence, and i have supplied evidence from a specialist at a pain clinic i have attended for 10 yrs and a report from a rheumatologist so they have quite a bit of paperwork from me,i am frightened that they might contact my old g.p(as i am at the same practice ) but my rep says no that isn't going to happen , so should i just stop worrying?

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i am sure they can ,when i was wating for dla result they wrote and told me they were wating from a reply from my gp x

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They can and do contact your GP, when you apply for ESA or DLA in fact one of the boxes you sign gives them permission to do so.

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DWP would normally send your GP form ESA113, which having looked at it is quite a brief questionnaire, along the same lines as your ESA50, it also asks whether the claimant is ok to attend an ATOS centre for assessment.

They could also ask for a Report as to a claimants' conditions.

A GP is contracted to provide such reports to DWP/ATOS, however the GP is under no obligation to provide letters of support, or reports for a patient.

He does not have to disclose the content of any ESA113 or Report, to the patient,(some GP's will) however you can ask that they inform you if they have had such a request for information from DWP/ATOS.

You can then request to see copy of said ESA113 or Report from DWP/ATOS, under Data Protection.

When making a claim, individuals give consent for DWP to contact

their doctor for more information.


i didnt give consent and they still contacted my GP!


i applied for dla and was refused so i told dwp to contact my gp as part of my appeal , again refused , asked to speak to a supervisor , who told me thay had got my medical records ,and i wasnt sick enough , even though i have fibro , epilepsy, athritis, and underactive thyroid , i said ok , she said got to tribunal , i cabm

t afford this , so i told her and she said wait 6 months apply again ,after this phone call i phoned my gp and no one had contacted my gp , but the recepsionist told me that the dr does letters to send with applications which makes sure DWP know how ill you are , been two years and i havent reapplied because i feel so much more depressed when the answer is no .....and as i work 4 x 4 hours per week , they deem as i have had no sick , because i wont give in that i am not sick enough but i have a boss who gives me early mornings so i have time to get over my shift before the next one , so the moral is ask gp for letter to accompany your dwp clai


yes they may ask to contact ur gp, but need ur permission first!


They contacted mine and i didnt give the name only the name of the practice. When i told them their error they went quiet and didnt give me a reason. They sent the letter to the practice instead.



If your new GP is in the same surgery as old one may I suggest writing to practice manager stating that you will require any letters or reports about you be written by.......... and name who you are happy with. Any consent form is just general and therefor if you have my luck with GP's(looking at your blog you may have) they can dish any paperwork out to ANY of the GP's. Make sure the practice manager replies. I have to place a rider letter on every application such as blue badge and council tax reduction applications to request that only MY current GP can comment. I also tell them that it would be incorrect for them to ask other GP's to comment as I am seeking legal advice and about to sue them! So far its worked but Im just covering my back against the terrible things that have come from my surgery obviously from those opinionated souls just like your old GP. I do know what its like to be demoralised by someone with an attitude and air of God sitting in a comfortable seat, on a fat salary and NOT helping folk who need them.

I often wish when deep in thought.......... if only they had to walk a day in my shoes and live in this body. But then I stop thinking as that would seem tantamount to spell casting in my book lol :)

PS you will get a human GP eventually, hang in there.

Warm thoughts NN :)


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