oh my goodness!!

hi folks,just thought i would update my situation..i have found out today that the lady from the jobcentre who filled my dla forn in,is in fact a decision maker for dla tribunals!!! she is furious that i was "warned" to seek legal advise..soo i rang the courts in liverpool and asked for a writen statement explaining exactly why i was told to seek legal help,and why i wasnt told it was A,B or C that needed looking at,plus i told the courts i am writing a complaint about their hostile behaviour towards me,and that in my written complaint will ask for it to be looked at again with a completely different set of tribunal decision makers...well i think that will stir things up! watch this space..xxx

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  • good for you!! you are doing the right thing,how dare they treat you like c**p when you have enough to deal with ,good luck,keep fighting for your rights!! xx

  • thank you,i have made an appointment to see welfare rights on monday,prior to me finding my gold nugget at the jobcentre lol,so im keeping app and perhaps he will be able to "word" the complaints letter a bit better than i,as i do waffle on a bit,i have a degree in waffling and faffing! and i also the lady from jobcenter said why the hell should you start again..as excisting forms are ok..im on my own and b.....dy sick of being walked over! ooh iv got me gander up now! lol xxx

  • i wont tell you what i think of these people, it would not be nice reading , i wish you all the luck, suex

  • hi suex..i must admit the gentelman i spoke to at the tribunal courts in liverpool was very helpfull,as soon as i said it felt hostile at tribunal he imediatly said,thats not how it should be and you can complain..i keep you posted,x

  • Go for it :-) :-) :-)

    Julie xx

  • hi julie,thanks,i intend to,my friend who went with me is coming on sundaynto prepare notes to just what tribunal said and how they were with me,,i hope you are ok,whats been your expieriences? xx

  • update,iv been to welfare rights,written a letter of complaint to tribunal courts will send off tomoz,they said this is the way to go,give them chance to explain themselves then when i recieve a reply,take it from there,one step at a time...so,again i keep you all posted.x

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